Trifles:a play that revolves around Mrs. Wright and if she actually killed her husband that night. a play that revolves around Mrs. Wright and if she actually killed her husband that night.

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Question 1: Setting

Trifles is a play that revolves around Mrs. Wright and if she actually killed her husband that night. The County Attorney and the Sheriff went to her house in search of evidence that will put Mrs. Wright behind bars.

It was set during the ancient time when the male gender was considered superior.  While the female was the inferior in that they were not even granted the right to solve problems.

This play takes place during the winter; this is evident from the statement made by the sheriff stating that the temperatures had dropped below zero the previous night and that Mrs. Wrights fruits busted from the container were indeed frozen (Rebecca search).  The house was in a mess with dirty pans under the sink and a loaf of bread beside the breadbox. It also seemed that the occupant left in a hurry and had been interrupted from the meal that was cooking. This was an indication that Mrs. Wright was there at the time of murder.

Character List

Mrs. Hale – she was the wife to Mr. Lewis Hale. She shows a sign of regret as to why she did not visit Mrs. Wright at-least to cheer her up. This was because she had a sad life unlike the Jovial Minnie Foster she knew in the early days as she describes.

John Wright – He is described to have been a local who was dutiful, good but tough. He was a husband to Mrs. Wright thou had neglected her happiness.

Mrs. Wright – She is the wife to Mr. Wrights and a suspect to his murder, A lady with rather an unhappy and lonely marriage life unlike that happy and lively lady in her early days. Mrs. Hale also says that she once sang beautifully in the church.

Mrs. Peters – Other than being the sheriff’s wife, she is law abiding, at some point she apologizes for the behaviors of men. She seems to understand the female inferiority and in particular Mrs. Wrights loneliness.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

George Henderson – He is known for dismissing the female interest especially in domestic matters, and he further has low esteem for Mrs. Wright from her perceived lack of homemaking abilities.

Henry Peters – He is the sheriff and a husband to Mrs. Peters. He is said to have been examining the crime scene and at some point teases the Women about the quilt Mrs. Wrights was making.

Lewis Hale – Is known for his farming skills, in the play, he goes to Wright’s farm to inquire from John about the telephone only to meet a dangling man and a strange acting wife.

In this play, the conflict is basically between genders. The female namely Mrs.’ Hale and peters dominates thus making them the protagonist and on the other hand all the men can be said to be antagonists.


The rising action – When the men left the kitchen and went upstairs in search of evidence, the women engaged in small talks about Mrs. Wright and the probabilities on whether she may have or have not killed her husband. In their search they found a bird cage with a broken door.

Resolution –this is seen as the scene introduces us to Mrs. Wright who was busy sewing and immediately Mr. Wright with his great dislike for birds enters the kitchen where his wife was. The occurrence brought out the nervous nature of Mrs. Wright whom did not want Mr. Wright to discover that there were birds in the room. Without much luck, Mr. Wright finds the caged birds hidden deep inside the cupboard. Soon after the cupboard’s door opens, they found birds neck wringed.

The fact that Mr. Wright destroyed the one beautiful element in Mrs., Wright’s boring and sorry life thus may probably have led to him being killed.

Climax – the climax comes about when instead of showing the bird to the County Attorney they hide it in Mrs. Halle’s coat pocket and keep quiet like nothing happened.

Falling action – The men felt they have found no evidence and hence decided to leave. They then make one last joke about the women and the scene ends.

Stage direction – The author gives the reader an opportunity to “see” the action better than usual, for instance; when the characters are entering Mrs. Wrights house she describes the situation portraying its state at that particular time. Indicating that John Wright was dead, the wife was in jail and that the pans under the sink were unwashed,


The dead canary- symbolized the end of Mrs. Wright struggles of loneliness and unhappiness, it symbolized the end of an era and now it’s a new beginning.

Birdcage- Symbolized the Mr. and Mrs. Wright house, which revealed that Mrs. Wright was lonely and was locked inside preventing her from communicating to others.

Trifles- This symbolizes the women (the women things in the play) that are believed or assumed are of no importance while in the end they assist in a mighty long way .


“Gender equality”. Gender equality stood out because, The County Attorney and Sheriff teased the women for their interests and the little things they put their concentration on. All genders are the same and each one should be treated with the respect they deserve

Trifle – small, inconsiderable, something that is of no importance or insignificant.

According to the play, the female gender was highly despised by the male gender, and most often viewed as child bearers and domestic workers. The women were not considered as intelligent as the rest of the people (men). The men were seen as superior people and all round intelligent.

The author describes the marriage in the story as a birdcage, Mrs. Wright was trapped in at her own home, and she was prevented from communicating with the neighbors.

A drama is a story written with dialogues and script directions to be acted on stage.  A story on the other hand is one that relates an event, incident written in narrative.

Watching a drama performed is interesting because of the many voices and how each actor portrays their actions in the play, unlike reading where there are just words nothing enthusiastic about it.

No, I do not empathize because; in as much as one treats you without respect, like nobody, to the extent you have to live in fear and loneliness, it is absolutely not right to end another person’s life. Mrs. Wright/Mrs. Hossack didn’t have to kill the husband.

The play gave me a mental picture of the scene and how gender was perceived among the characters in the play.


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