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COIT20256 Data Structures and Algorithms (T3 2016)

Assessment item 1— GUI and event handling


• Demonstrate an understanding of Object-Oriented Programming concepts in Java
• Gain practical skills in Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming by implementing an event- driven application
• Develop and test stand alone Java applications.

Assignment specification

For this assignment you are required to write a Java Windowed Application that uses an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI), based on the JFrame class using SWING GUI components.Make sure that you read all of the assignment specification. If you have any questions, or do not fully understand the assignment requirements, contact the Course Coordinator, or your tutor, without delay.

Your task for this assignment is to develop a Java Windowed Application that allows the users to enter, calculate, and display the customers’ data and relevant charges that are related to a mobile phone provider to sell their service plans and mobile phones.

The required Java Windowed Application contains a GUI as below (see next page). The GUI components should consist of the following panels.

• A top panel that contains a text field, three combobox(drop down list), and four labels.
• A middle panel that contains an “Enter ” button, a “Display” button, a “Clear” button, and an “Exit” button.
• A bottom panel that places a text area to display data.

Some details of how the program functions:

  1. Enter Data
    The user enters the data of an individual customer name through the text field on the GUI, and selects a plan type, a model of mobile phone and an additional option either using text ($5/per month) or voice message ($10/per month) that the customer wants to purchase. It is assumed that there are four plan types, and six available models of mobile phone, with the rate or price in the tables as below.

    Table 1 Plan type rates 

    Plan Type

    Rate(per month)

    Budget (200minutes)


    Standard (400minutes)


    Business (600minutes)




    Table 2 Mobile phone model bound to the plan 















     After the user enters name and selects data items from drop down list and presses Enter button, the total charge is calculated by summing the plan charge, mobile phone price and the charge of messaging option. The entered data and calculated charge will be displayed on the text area.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions