Unit 417: Inclusive Practice

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You are working as a lecturer/mentor in a college where your programme manager has had no opportunity to undertake the Diploma in education and training(DET)He has recently heard of inclusive learning, legislation, roles and responsibilities relating to inclusive practice. He is interested in knowing whether the College is in line with standard Practice and has appointed you to review or develop an inclusive practice in a course on which you are lecturing and acting as a mentor also. You have the additional responsibility to prepare a comprehensive report and present it to the staff at your workplace so that everyone can gain the advantage by implementing it in their practices.

You are supposed to consider your own working context or choose a working environment which you are familiar with.  You should produce references from academic sources to strengthen your points of view and relate these to practice in your chosen  workplace. Be sure to review current publications, journals, articles, books etc.

Note: You are required to review recent articles, books and other relevant literature. The use of self- edited sites such as Wikipedia is strictly not allowed to answer any part of the task. You must reflect practical understanding of each question and are required to provide references to any evidence you have in relation to your answer.

Task 1:Report

In the College that you are working at, you should:

1.1 Review the impact of personal, social and cultural factors on learning


1.2 Review the impact of different cognitive, physical and sensory abilities on learning

Note: You must attach at least two recent articles with at least one page of analysis in it. You should review two publications before attempting to answer this question. Be sure to include these as part of your portfolio.

Task 2:Report


You are required to respond to the following questions after reviewing one article in each question. You need to ensure you review recent policies at your workplace and state how this may affect the general work environment.

2.1  Summaries policy and regulatory frameworks relating to inclusive practice


2.2         Explain how policy and regulatory frameworks influence organisational policies relating to inclusive practice


2.3 Explain how policy and regulatory frameworks influence your own inclusive practice

Task 3: Report


In this task, you are required to summarise your own role in the organization where you work. You should produce your reflection on inclusive practices on your role and responsibility, motivating and devolving responsibility from lecturer to learners including recognising the need for boundaries.

3.1  Summarise your own role and responsibilities relating to inclusive practice


3.2  Explain the relationship between your own role and the roles of other professionals involved in inclusive practice

3.3  Identify points of referral available to meet individual learning needs

Task 4: Report


In this task, you need to be motivational, show a positive attitude and stress discrimination points of view and tolerance for each other. In a report format, you are required to address the following issues:

4.1  Review the key features and benefits of an inclusive learning environment


4.2  Analyse ways to promote equality and value diversity


4.3  Analyse ways to promote inclusion


Review strategies for effective liaison between professionals involved in inclusive practice

Task 5: Report

In your own workplace or placement organization, you are required to reflect on the effectiveness of inclusive learning strategies in the college, in the classroom and all learning opportunities. You are required to:

5.1 Review the effectiveness of own inclusive practice

5.2 Identify own strengths and areas for improvement in relation to inclusive practice

5.3 Plan opportunities to improve own skills in inclusive practice



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