Unit 7: Principles of Innovation and Change Management A/506/3682

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  1 Understand the need for innovation and change in organisations

1.1 Analyse the relationship between innovation and competitive advantage in an organisation
1.2 Discuss the contribution of internal and external factors to organisational change
2 Understand how organisational culture can promote innovation
2.1 Evaluate the management styles needed to promote an innovative culture in an organisation
2.2 Analyse the features of a culture that supports innovation in an organisation
2.3 Assess sources of innovation in an organisation
2.4 Examine ways in which innovation is encouraged in an organisation
3 Understand key principles, theories and models relating to change in organisations
3.1 Discuss organisational factors that might enable change and those which might hinder change processes in an organisation
3.2 Evaluate current theories and models relating to change and how they might support effective change management in an organisation
4 Understand the role of communication and relationship management within change processes
4.1 Evaluate ways in which positive work relationships can support change processes
4.2 Discuss the different communication needs and types of support that might be required by different stakeholder groups

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions