Use a search engine to find a website that claim to present examples of good practice in the sustainable exploitation of biodiversity or the living resources in an ecosystem.

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Use a search engine to find a website that claim to present examples of good practice in the sustainable exploitation of biodiversity or the living resources in an ecosystem.
You`ll probably have to search quite hard as very few websites are likely to advertise themselves with the words `sustainable exploitation`. They are more likely to claim that their products or services are `environmentally friendly` or `eco-friendly`. Ask yourself whether such claims amount to the same thing as claiming sustainable exploitation. Also, all natural products such as timber, fish or crops are harvested from ecosystems, even though the producers may not state this explicitly or think of their fishing grounds or fields in ecological terms. However, you know better.

Choose one example of a website and evaluate it against the criteria that were agreed in the table below. SEE TABLE BELOW

should contain:
• A brief, descriptive title.
• A one-paragraph summary of the product or service that is provided by biodiversity or a living component of the ecosystem in your chosen example.
• Your evaluation against the agreed criteria. If you disagreed with the consensus, this should be followed by notes on how an evaluation against your own criteria would differ, and why you prefer your criteria.* 
• References.
• Additional links to relevant external websites.
You should follow the same guidance on what is meant by `additional links` and references as is given for your EMA webpages in Section 2.1.2 of the U316 Guide to the end-of-module assessment.
* No guidance on length is given for this because you are free to choose the number and nature of the criteria and these will vary between tutor groups. You are NOT expected to write a mini-essay on each criterion. A sentence or two for each should be enough. Your tutor will be looking for:
• Clarity: state clearly whether the website in question and the claim of sustainable exploitation it makes meet or fail each criterion. The emphasis should be on the claim here, more than on the website itself, but both should be considered.
• Justification: say concisely why you have decided each criterion is, or is not, met.
• Completeness: don`t miss out any criteria.

a reasonable definition of `sustainable exploitation` would be:
Exploitation of an ecosystem or of a particular resource in an ecosystem (such as a particular species of fish in a lake, or a particular species of tree from a forest) that does no long-term damage and does not cause populations of harvested species to decline permanently as a result.
Initial Criteria Additions /Suggestions / Notes
1. Population monitoring
• Are exploited species population levels monitored over time with exploitation quotas and regulations adjusted accordingly, based on a data guided estimate of MSY? 
• Is there transparency within monitoring processes, and are independent and industry approved external bodies carrying out the monitoring process?

2. Biodiversity monitored within ecosystem.
• Is species variety, abundance and distribution monitored within the exploited ecosystem? 
• When negative impacts on the ecosystem are investigated and discovered, is immediate, appropriate action taken to rectify the problem? 
• Are independent and industry approved bodies overseeing both monitoring and negative impact mitigation?

3. Effective management
• Has a long term management plan, relative to the size of the ecosystem and wider affected areas,been put in place by relevant stakeholders, ? 
• Do the plans take a precautionary approach based on the data available, including monitoring and assessment of the exploited ecosystem, to ensure both the exploited species and ecosystem biodiversity are not threatened?

4. Economic impact
• Is the economic value of the exploited species monitored? 
• Is the potential impact of economic change on these species considered, and has action to combat negative impacts (overexploitation) been put in place? 
5. Social impact
• Is there evidence of sustainability, including stakeholder engagement at the local level and the long-term maintenance of social and economic well-being of workers and local communities?

6. Legal framework
• Is evidence of sustainability (points 1-5) sought via a legally binding process? 
• Is sustainable exploitation recognised, when all criteria are met? 
• Is annual, industry recognised certification to be awarded in acknowledgement?

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