use of The Odyssey by the movie O Brother Where Art Thou?,

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Puritan Myths

Research Project (15%of your total grade): Research Topic: You shall choose any one of the myths and study its influence on the present day American culture, life, and arts. You need to find a deliberate use of the myth of your choice, not an accidental one. You may use one of the companies or institutions or art forms that use a specific Greek Myth, indicated by a title or a logo, for example, use of Nike by the shoe company, use of The Iliad by the movie Troy, use of The Odyssey by the movie O Brother Where Art Thou?, or use of Apollo by NASA. Make sure to get a verbal approval from me before you start any real work for the paper or see me with a copy of your paper to ensure you are on the right track. It shall be a comparison-analysis paper, in which you shall identify the myth and examine to what extent it has been used successfully by the company, movie, game, or art form. It should have a thesis statement (about 1 to 3 sentences), and requires at least one source (like the company`s website) for support. Therefore, your Works Cited list should have at least two entries: the myth you are using, and the source of its application. PLOT SUMMARIES WITH NO ANALYSIS OR COMPARISON COULD GET A FAILING GRADE ON THIS PROJECT! This paper is to be formatted in MLA format. Please use the sample MLA paper on Purdue University`s OWL (link in webliography) for reference. Approximate Word Count: 600 words. Grade Break up for Research paper: Total 150 points MLA Format of paper (broken down below): 25 points. Pagination: 5 points First page: 5 points Spacing, font: 5 points In text references: 10 points Works Cited page in MLA, with all sources acknowledged: 25 points. Content (Comprehension, thesis, support, syntax, tone): 100 points.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:MythsMyths are stories about gods and heroes that are sacred, and try to explain certain culture or a phenomenon.Puritan MythsThis was a religious group existed in late 16th centuries. They were so mythical that American started simulating some of their myths. They believed that education was paramount in Christian life. Therefore, they lead to building of Harvard University that was started as Puritan College that offered western Christianity. Harvard was later secularized and up to date it has been a pivotal point in changing the American culture. Most of the people have gotten education from the University of Harvard changing their former life and culture of unlearned. Education has made them more valuable in life giving them good position to compete well in the community. It has also improved their art of seeing things making the American more creative. This is seen in the way people approaches issues. Due to education, most things have been innovated. This found its root from Puritan myth that education was central to the Christian life.The puritans gave American a creed that it is a city set upon a hill. This changed the American identity to the whole world. It gives the American people pride ...

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