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This exercise requires you to use Steganography to embed secret text into a graphic file and also to embed a secret watermark into a second graphic file. To accomplish these tasks you are to download a copy of OpenStego from the internet. You will also need to download the two graphic files cqu_logo.png  and Bundaberg.jpg from the Moodle site.

Data Hiding in a Graphic File [5 Marks]

You are to create a “message.txt”  file containing the text “This is my hidden text file” to use as your Message File in OpenStego.

You are to use “cqu_logo.png” as your Cover File in OpenStego  and “extra_logo.png” as your Output Stego File.

Note: You MUST use your student number (sxxxxxxx) as the password.

You are to include both your message.txt and extra_logo.png  files in your assignment submission.

Watermarking a Second Graphic File [5 marks]

You are to generate a signature file (“COIS23001Ass2.sig”) using “Copyright 2014,COIS23001” as the PassPhrase.

You can now embed your watermark in the “Bundaberg.jpg” graphic file to create your Output file called “ass2sig.jpg”.

You are to submit a copy of your ass2sig.jpg with your assignment submission.

Price: £109

100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions