Videos and Images Steganography

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Steganography in images often adopts different techniques. The most notable of these are transformation from RGN into Y’ Cb Cr, quantization download sampling, entropy coding, block splitting, discrete, and cosine transformation. In each of these individuals may adopt different techniques to hide information by relying on some of the vulnerable human aspects. In image steganography, the techniques often adopted often seek to alter bits and bytes into a form that comply to finding the areas that are darker sections of a picture to hide the image as opposed to the bright ones, relying on the ration distribution of images to hide in format or altering the design of the pixels and following a pattern to even the images appearance making them normal. Whatever the technique that may be adopted, the idea is to have a picture looking normal since an individual does not have an original image to compare the differences (Manimegalai, et al. 304).

Video Steganography adopts an almost similar idea only relying on data structuring in terms of the frames. Three mediums are often adopted as the container formats for a message that will be set in a picture. These are the audio stream, video stream and data stream. The idea is usually to embed the data in frames depending on the structure most appropriate. The framing designs that are adopted are intra frame, which relies on the concepts of lossy JPEG compression, predicted frame, which is often coded based on the pattern adopted by the previous frame and bidirectional frame, which forecasts based on pasts and future references. The design of a video would have different pictures often packaged in line with the interval and data packets. An individual may decide to simply alter an image within a group of picture making it impossible to identify. Interestingly, video have audio which facilitates further an avenue for the alteration and hiding of the message (Khosla and Paramjeet 7).

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