Vulnerabilities of Cloud Computing

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Vulnerabilities of Cloud Computing

The discussion on security concerns of cloud computing has often raised numerous challenges. However, as Grobauer, Tobias and Stocker (50) notes most of these discussions often fail to distinguish those issues that are uniquely structured to the nature of the clouds. In their review, Grobauer, Tobias and Stocker (52) addresses those issues that focus on the nature of the clouds. The three major aspects he raised in his paper are the general view of cloud computing, the general vulnerability view and vulnerabilities facing the existence of clouds and the structural elements that relate to the nature of the clouds.

General View of Cloud Computing


In today’s world almost all organization are finding it irresistible not to embrace the role of clouds in their functions since clouds are so uniquely structured and offering benefits such as the demand for self-service where user can use them based on their needs and further manage these platforms through various interfaces. In terms of cost, using clouds makes it so easy since companies are able to pool their resource in one place and allow all the nodes to access the data from the clouds. This aspect allows for quicker monitoring of the systems since each node has a leeway to access the data if they have been authorized to do so. In terms of other benefits, there are issues such as the scaling of data which is provided through elasticity and metering of the services which allows the customers to adopt different models.

Overall view of Vulnerabilities

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Besides vulnerability of a system occurring, other aspects are pegged on the ability of the threat agent to succeed. These aspects are the frequency, which relies on the motive and the level of access that threat agents may have towards an asset. While in most instances the threat agents may be guided by mischievous intentions, the ability of an organization to resist an attack also plays an essential role to how the organization will cope with these threats.

Vulnerabilities that are Specific to the Clouds

            Grobauer, Tobias and Stocker (52) notes, there are a variety of aspects that guide Vulnerabilities that are unique to the cloud. These aspects are

  1. The cause of the vulnerability such as the NIST’s characteristic
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            As more of clouds are being put into use, there will be new and emerging issues that will urge the organization to develop new mechanisms of handling the issues that arise. However, as Grobauer, Tobias and Stocker notes, understanding the systems today and the vulnerabilities that are prone to their function is the first stride towards unraveling much more in future. Further, organizations need to be on the lookout for new measures to look into ways of resolving issues that relate to the vulnerabilities.

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