Watch the video Arabia Before Islam: Religion, Society, Culture and answer the below questions in detail

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Link for the video:



Instructions: Make sure you commit to the instructions below (grades will be deducted if you do not comply)


•        The total answer should be between 500-550 words.

•        Write the full name and ID number on the cover page. 

•        Format: Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Color: Black, and line spacing: 1.5.


•        Avoid grammatical mistakes and make sure to write in a clear  English language.

•        Avoid plagiarism all your answers will be checked through Turnitin. Similarity should not exceed 15%.

•    You can have Unlimited submissions to check your similarity and  Only the most recent submission will be available as your final file. 

•        Please do not send your answer through email you have to submit it to Dropbox using a pdf format.

Your analysis and answer should include these questions which are the following:


Write a summary to explain the video content, and key points presented in the video. (1 point )


What was the most surprising piece of information you learned from the video? (1 point)


Do you agree with everything said in the video, Is it objective or biased, why, and how? (1 point)


According to Edward Said history is written and presented by dominators and winners and in his book “Orientalism” he argued that the West writes about the East this process leads to not accurately misleading culture and misrepresentation of the East to create stereotypes about the people of the East.  In this context, based on what we covered in the class. How do you link Orientalism to some of the information mentioned in this video by Orientalists? (2 points)

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions