what are the important issues about your topic that needs to be addressed and why?

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Primary Health Care in Ontario

I need my paper order(00016492)to be re writing based on the instructions For the main paper (6 pages) address the same topic as in the short paper, correct your errors and expand your analysis of the topic. In the paper you must address the following: 1) Literature Review Research: conduct a search of the academic literature using databases such as Scholar`s Portal. According to your research, what are the important issues about your topic that needs to be addressed and why? (i.e. What is discussed in the academic literature?) 2) Summarize the Romanow report`s arguments and recommendations (or lack of recommendations) concerning the topic 3) Summarize the outcome of the Accord on Health Care Renewal (2003) the First Ministers` Meeting on the Future of Health in Canada (2004) as it relates to the topic (and the Aboriginal Agreement if it applies) 4) Analyze and Evaluate: In what ways have the Accords addressed, ignored or exceeded the recommendations made by Romanow? 5) Policy Research: what has happened in Ontario in your topic area since the Agreements and the Romanow Commission report release? You must also consult other resources to identify what has happened. 6) Analyze and Evaluate: based on what has been accomplished in Ontario, evaluate the success or failure of the Romanow Commission`s recommendations in getting the key issues onto the health reform agenda. In other words, have Romanow`s recommendations about your topic been implemented by Ontario? Have the recommendations helped to improve the situation? Requirements:  Submit paper via MOODLE by due date by 2:30 pm  Formatting:  Use subheadings  Title page with 1) title of paper, 2) your name, 3) student number, 4) my name, 5) Topic chosen, 6) course, and 8) date of submission  Use page numbers  12 point font  Double-spaced  1” margins  Spell-checked; grammar checked  Short research paper not to exceed 3 pages (excluding references)  Main research paper not to exceed 8 pages (excluding references)  Referencing:  Use every attempt to paraphrase ideas and arguments (use your own words) from any source, and always cite the source of the idea even if you do use your own words. In other words, reference any words or ideas that are not your own.  AVOID quotations. When quotations (3 or more direct words taken directly from another author) are used, they must be indicated with “quotes”. If you choose to use a small number of very short quotes, the source of the quote + page numbers should be cited.  Use APA style for your references (this is a handy reference http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ )  Append a list of references Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be docked a half letter grade (i.e. an B+ paper will become an B). Papers will be graded using the following criteria:  Content (e.g. use of research sources to support argument, quality of sources used etc.) 3  Writing style & Organization (i.e. clarity of writing, proper grammar, spelling
Primary Health Care in OntarioName:Course:Professor Name:(March 13, 2012).Primary Health Care in Ontario, Recommendation (19-24)Romanow report recommendations on primary health care in Ontario resonated with building values on the future of health care in Canada (Romanow, 2002). The main aim of the report is to review the Medicare and shape it in a way that enhances sustainability and quality. The report has enabled the Canadian health care value drive and evidence based (Dharamsi, 2012). The report reflects on previous studies done on the health care in Canada and improved by Romanow (Romanow, 2002). Recommendation nineteen entails the fast tracking of change in the primary health care. Romanow indicated that the need of using the existing heath care systems as catalyst to speed up the action (Romanow, 2002). This is vital in influencing the way health care is delivered to the Canadians. The main challenge in the implementation of the process is in overcoming the current challenges that derail the process (Romanow, 2002). The challenges hinder primary health care in becoming the central point in the health care system in Canada. Romanow asserted that it is vital establishing building blocks that are crucial namely; early detention and action, co-coordinating and continuity of care, developing stronger and new incentives and finally by availing better information to the stakeholders (Romanow, 2002). This alters the way physicians are paid finally influencing the health care administration in Canada (Laurent, 2002). Recommendation twenty and twenty one had similar objectives of building a national momentum, reporting progress and attacking obstacles that are derailing the health care systems in Canada (Romanow, 2002). Romanow asserted that it is crucial building and maintaining momentum. He continued to argue that territories and provinces has the responsibility of ensuring that the health care services are delivered and organized at the right time in the health care system. It was vital including the primary health care in the process. The Canadian health providers have the responsibility o...

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