what did he contribute to broadcasting?

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Wallace Souza and his Contribution to Broadcasting

The writing is based on the movie "Network" written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lumet (1976). It should be approximately 600 words long, or two, typewritten, double-spaced pages focusing on the topic Who was Wallace Souza and what did he contribute to broadcasting? One research source must be cited in the essay to support our opinion but the source should not be from the movie itself. We may not cite Wikipedia as the source for their work. .
NameTutor`s NameCourse/GradeDate: 20/03/2012Wallace Souza and his Contribution to BroadcastingWallace Souza can be described as a renaissance, modern day- man. He was a Brazilian native and rose to become a state legislator. In addition, he was a television crime show host. Later on, it came to be known that Wallace was a murderer but also a drug trafficker. He had a television show which dealt with the nature of drug trafficking and crimes within the Amazonas state. It was in this same state that he was a legislator. For the purpose of proving his point on crime, he perpetuated crimes (Surhone, et al. 2010). After commissioning the crimes, he would make a report of these murders to his television show. This was to boost the ratings of his show and eliminate his competitors in drug trafficking. It came to be established that the murder orders emanated directly from Wallace and his son. Hence, his television crew could be notified to get to the crime scene first. After the murder, he faced several charges in court. On the contrary, he remained free because he was a politician. Wallace remained a representative in the Amazonas Assembly until he was expelled in 2009. The presenter cum politician is well known for presenting Canal Livre which was a very controversial program in Brazil at the time. In the same year, Wallace was a subject to international media when police made a statement that an investigation had been launched to verify claims about him. The claims stated that he ordered the killings to boost ratings of his Canal Livre program (Mail Foreign Service, 2009). This illustrates how media can be enhanced through crime. In order to increase the rating of his program, Wallace decides to use crime just because he holds a position within the media which predisposes him to act in the same way. Wallace was borne in Amazonas in the town of Manaus. He was a college graduate from the College of Business Sao Luiz Gonzaga. He also obtained a degree from the State College of Basilio. Wallace commenced his political career in 1998 after being elected by the Liberal Party. Afterwards, he assumed the leadership of the Christian Party. In 2000, he was e...

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