What do the gene names stand for?

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The lab report should have the following sections: Introduction, explaining any appropriate background information that is needed to understand the experiment. Results, detailing the outcome (data) of the experiment and a Discussion that interprets the data Please write the lab base on this website http://photoscience.la.asu.edu/photosyn/education/experiments/virtual.html •Be sure to address the following questions when writing your report: ◦What do the gene names stand for? ◦What is the role of each of these genes (in actuality…not just in the analogy)? ◦How do LHI and LHII differ? Disscusion question (100 words) at bottom of the lab Photosynthetic organisms are the primary producers of the food web. If they are so efficient at providing their own source of useable energy, why didn`t all organisms evolve with the ability to photosynthesize?
Lab Report on Online Photosynthesis Experiment Name Institution Instructor Date Introduction In order to get energy to carry out all these activities there must be another animal or plant consumed. In plants, this process or generating food and energy is possible through a process called photosynthesis. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) moves this newly captured energy around and within the cell from one place to another (Kirk, 2011). In order to ascertain these scientists will also need to check the suspect organism for waste products such as carbon dioxide, oxygen in the oxygen and carbon cycle. Through processes such as homeostasis these living things must maintain constant internal conditions such as temperature and pH and all these must be appropriately coordinated. These are just some of the pointers as scientist would like to scrutinize in order to establish evidence of life. Genetic Engineering - Procedure Three different mutants of bacteria have been modified in the laboratory in order to ascertain the important parts of the photosynthesis process. Each one of the tube has been filled with ...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions