what do they do for those that are not in the program?

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Anti-honors Privelages on campus

Persuasive Speech Topic: anti-honors privelages on campus. Tips: 1- what do they do for those that are not in the program? 2- How can they provide funding for those that are not in it? 3- Privelages that honors get:early registration, scholarships, better housing, special advising etc. In this speech, you can write about one university campuse in united state or compare two campuses. You can use statistices to support your persuasive points in the both papers and powerpoint slides. Also, the speech must cite at least 10 credible sources in proper oral citation format: Acceptable sources include Journal articles, news paper articles, expert interviews, etc. ( I just want to mention that I need the same writer who is going to write this speech make the powerpoint slides because I need this speech to be well organized)
NameCourseLecturerDateAnti-honors privileges on campusPeople in any given society can go through life without perceptive about the privileges brought about by situations in life. Some have automatic benefits right from birth and this are the white skinned persons. It is believed that most of them attain the benefits even when they have nothing to do in order to attain this privilege. These cases have been witnessed in most parts of the world and the consequences are mostly better as they outweigh the bad, for the ones that have white privilege. Non-white skin persons are treated with injustice, oppressed and suffer due to lack of the same privilege. This paper seek to look at the awareness, barriers more so in campuses therefore look at anti-honors privileges on campus, what usually happens to those who are not in the program, how funding is provided to those that are not in it as well look at the privileges that honors get as different from anti-honors.According to bell hooks, (2000) nowhere are there a more intense silence about the reality of class differences than in educational settings. This is mostly seen in colleges and university campuses where everyone practices and policies are embedded with unexamined class assumptions. In this case, individuals experience classed norms in powerful ways, though there is little consciousness about how class affects campus climates and that of individual lives. For us to improve our educational settings, we must recognize the class-based norms embedded in how we conduct business, how we organize curricula, what we teach as well how we shape all these questions.Wildman 1987 argues that education has contributed to the edifice and strengthening of white privilege. In his survey, he argues that even those schools that emerge to be integrated regularly separate students based on abilities. By doing this, white students had more advantages in class as their status magnified the uniqueness in class compared to African American students and the ant-honors.According to William (1972) he argues that test instructions in normal English deprived the black students as their language of the test were put in recognizable labels without training or coaching. The white were judged differently from the black students who were also not doing badly in English subject. In his research he shows that though back students were not doing well in English subjects, this was the same experience with the white students towards other subjects. Since both sides experienced the same challenges, it was not fair for one side treat them unequally as it is done in several institutions.Anti-honors privileges on campusAmerican is known to be a Class society something that has resulted to impact in our lives. History shows that America includes some true “rags and riches` stories, where they believed that class background typically shapes opportunity in a culture where the single most reliable predictors of one`s class status in the...

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