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Management Course - Retail Industry: Marketer

Your career plan should be written in 4 to 6 typewritten pages (in either single or double space format). ASSIGNMENT First: State the industry in which you wish to develop a career. **Hint: Business is not an industry. Marketing is not an industry. Management is not an industry. Be sure to define as clearly as possible the industry you are interested in. Sometimes just stating the industry is not enough. For example, if you are planning a career in the Health Care Industry, please state whether you plan to be a physician, nurse, pharmaceutical representative, hospital administrator, etc. If you are planning on teaching – at what grade level? What subject(s). If you want to be a consultant, do you know for which industry? What type of consultant?** Next: Answer the questions in the following three sections. Answer the questions one at a time – do not just write one long essay. SECTION 1: Self-Assessment 1. What skills, knowledge, attitudes, and/or aptitudes do I have which will contribute to success in this career? 2. Do I have any weaknesses that may limit my success in this career? **Hint: Be brutally honest. Think outside the box – go beyond academics. None of you have all of the education you will need. SECTION 2: Opportunities in my chosen field 1. Are there a lot of people wanting careers in this field? (Why?) 2. What will happen to jobs in this field in the future? (For example, think about these issues: Is this a growing or a shrinking career path?) 3. How do I compare to other candidates for the job I want? (i.e., Do I stand out from the crowd? Why?) **Hint: Don`t just make assumptions. Actually try to find out and use facts to support your answers. SECTION 3: Career Plans (as of now!) 1. What are my short term (1-3 year) career goals? 2. What are my intermediate (3-5 year) goals? 3. What are my long term (5-10 year) goals? **Hint: Some of these goals may derive from your answers about your strengths, weaknesses and comparability to others in the market for this job. If you have identified weaknesses, this might be a good time to think about how and when you will eliminate them or turn them into assets. When actually doing career planning there are two more steps to this process. You do not need to address these. I am merely including them for your future use. Section 4: Implement your plan. Section 5: Revise your plan as necessary. This includes monitoring your progress, asking for feedback on your progress from others, comparing your results to your planned objectives, then revising your plan as necessary. Remember: The business environment is changing rapidly. The concepts involved in strategic management of companies are also valuable in planning your career strategy. Scan your environment. Be aware of challenges to your chosen career path. Plan to acquire new knowledge and skills as the environment changes. Be aware of the effect that the economic, legal and social environments may have on your career choices. Mostly: Remember that a career plan is not something you do once and then store it in a laptop/ cloud somewhere. Okay, so it might be, but it sure won`t be effective if used that way! I would like one or two sources from chapters 4 or 5 in the book "Management, by RICHARD L. DAFT, NINTH EDITION", and one or two outside sources.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Retail Industry: MarketerIntroduction This paper examines my career development and plan in the industry I wish to join in the near future. I wish to pursue my career in the retail industry as a marketer; first as a marketing manager then the peak of my career to be a marketing consultant for the big retail companies in the world such as Wal-Mart, Asda, and Tesco etc. The first section of the paper examines my self assessment highlighting the skills that I possess, knowledge, attitudes or aptitudes that will contribute to the success of my career; more to that, there are weaknesses that may hinder the success of my career. The second section examines the opportunities in my chosen field discussing on matters like attractiveness of the field, the current and future trends and the strong points I possess that will make me stand out in the field. Last, but not the least, I will highlight my career plans, that is, short term career plans, intermediate career plans and finally, long term career plans. Self AssessmentMy dream career as a marketer in the retail industry, I lately realized, is connected to my personal attributes; skills and knowledge. Fists of all most of my relatives have been operating in this field, not just as marketers, but as retail business owners, and thus I have grown up watching and observing how they conducted the business. Needless to say, I have watched one of my uncles grow his business right from a small retail shop in the street to one of the biggest in town, and it is still expanding. I have strong skills in communication and persuasion, all of which I have learned from how I used to see my uncle convince customers into buying. Another important skill I believe will contribute to the success of my career is the innovation skill that I have. I believe that a marketer without great innovation is like a fluffy cat which is unable to hunt its prey and therefore dies out of hunger. Bouknight and Scott (43) argued that innovation is the demonstration of analytical skills and without it a marketer will be faced with many challenges because he will always be left behind as others progress. I possess vast knowledge in the retail business because through watching the merchandise that receives the highest turnover an...

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