What is a database? And how does it differ from a file system?

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Module 1 Case Assignment Coursework: Database Management


Module 1 - Case DATA, DATABASE, DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AND RELATIONAL DATABASE MODELING Case Assignment Case assignment in this module consists of two parts: Part A: After you`ve read through the articles and related materials, think about their content carefully and compose a short (3- to 4-page) paper on the topic: An Overview of Database and Database Management System Part A Assignment Expectations You should include the following topics in your discussion, not necessarily in the same order: What is a database? And how does it differ from a file system? What is a database management system? And why is it needed? What are the advantages of DBMS? What are the advantages and disadvantages of RDBMS and ODBMS? What issues should be considered when choosing a database and a DBMS? What are the roles of a database and a DBMS for an organization`s information system? Part B: You will install Oracle database 11g express edition and SQL developer to your computer, validate your installation, and write a short 3- to 4-page paper with screenshots of your download. To work on this assignment, you will need to first reading the following materials: Oracle Express Installation Guide (2011). Oracle Express Getting Started Guide (2011). And then download SQL developer at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/downloads/index.html. Make sure you download the zip file that includes the JDK1.6.0_35. In the end, learn how to connect to Oracle database using SQL developer. Alternative assignment For students who are not able to download software due to access restrictions: Write a 2- to 3-page paper (excluding cover page and references) comparing features and characteristics of various types of DBMS (Oracle, Access, and MySQL). Part B Assignment Expectations Successfully install Oracle database 11g express edition and Oracle SQL developer to your computer. Describe your experience with the installation. Open the sample database HR, make screen shots of the database, and copy them into your paper. Open the HR database, describe what information you see there using the terms introduced in this module, such as table, schema and key. Describe the tables in the HR database.


Database Management Name: Institutional Affiliation: Database Management Part A A database is information that an organization collects and arranges in forms they can access later for their use. The information takes a format that is available for the user. Depending on the situation, there can be electronic and solid forms of databases. Some can be in print, some analyses and as some in a statistical format (Jeffreys, Ramesh, & Heikki, 2013). Each person may have their ways of organizing information for their benefits. A file system is the inclusion of information in several folders and giving the appropriate names. One can retrieve information from these folders by just opening which they think they need. Peter, Carlos and Morris, (2013) indicate that structured databases differ from files because of their organized formats and ease of access to information. For etiquette and integrity, modern databases appear in easier-to-follow forms and afford to integrate better security on access. Files have no specific structure and can lead to several cases of duplication of information. Users may struggle finding the physical location of the information they need for a file systems. A database management system is the electronic programs, majorly computer-designed for the management of databases. It has massive sets of data, run by the organizations like employees` details, financial systems, and financial operations. In the end, one manages t...


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