what is the story behind it?

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Heritage Sharing

I will share with the class something that is very important to me that I will pass on to my children...And Why - what is the story behind it? Why did I decide this? I ONLY have 2-3mins to share so I just need ONLY 1/2 paragraph. Here is my personal infos below: When I first started teaching religious, I embarked on a ministry with a difficult beginning but a promising future. I remember entering a classroom of thirty-five 6th graders, all staring at my unfamiliar blue habit, and to top it off, my matching "weird" veil. The first two weeks of school was nothing but inconceivable hell. There were many trying moments. While I was in the middle of teaching, I heard knocking sounds; instinctively, I ambled to the door. To my surprise, no one was there. Immediately became aware of my students` trick. "I am sorry, but you can`t come in at this time," I said naturally, hoping to hide my distress. The children giggled, and knowing I had won at least this battle, I proceeded on with my lesson. Another painful time was when, out of the blue, one of the most popular girls yelled out in front of the class, "Why do you always wear that dress? Is it for Halloween? After the two most difficult weeks, dealing with anxiety, setting expectations and writing teachable lesson plans, the class and I began to blossom in mutual love. As a sister, I make sure my students receive an extra dose of God`s love everyday. Each child that God has entrusted to me has great significance and importance to Him, the Creator God. The acme of my teaching career as a religious sister is to implant in children a vision based on God`s love for them-a vision of hope for the future, a vision of love for others, a vision of courage and perseverance to strive for the best, thus a vision to make the world a better place in which to live. I must remember that the value of my teaching lies not only in present success, but in attempts made to ensure my children`s future successes. Yes, a hundred years from now, it won`t matter how much I had, but it will matter how much I gave to children with whom God entrusted me. But not only do I give to children, they also weave a golden thread of God`s love and presence in my life. I have often been asked if I thought a person had to be born with a talent to teach in order to be a good life. I have often been asked if I though a person had to be born with a talent to teaching order to be a good teacher. Most people who have a desire to teach have some talent because a person rarely wants to do something for which he/she had no aptitude. Each day of teaching is renewed by the grace of God; I must live in the light of God everyday in order to reap the most copious harvest. "The harvest is plenty, but laborers are few. Come..."(Mt. 9:37). First as a religious sister, and then a teacher, I am called to paint a picture of God`s love in children`s lives anew every year. I don`t have children but I have my sisters in the community. Through all the experienced above I will pass on my Crucifix to my young sisters in the community because the Constitution of the Lovers of the Holy Cross describes an apostle as the visible hand of Christ to continue and complete his salvia mission. The Lambertian spirituality that Lovers of the Holy Cross live out derived from the Good News of the Gospel. She approaches everyone with respect, gentleness, and humility to proclaim Christ crucified in words and actions. At the same time, she bears witness by willingly die for the one she proclaims.
HERITAGE SHARINGName:Course:Professor name:(February 11, 2013)Heritage SharingThe heritage sharing that I will present is on the most important thing in my life that I wish to pass on to my children, sisters and brothers. I am a great lover of the holy cross sisters of los angels and wish to pass the crucifix to the community sisters. The major reason for passing the crucifix is that every day on the way to the hospital I think of the words by bishop lambret that was handed to the sisters. The wor...

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