What is your motivation for pursuing research studies at the interface with Life Sciences ?

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Life Sciences Admission Essay

This is the question to the essay: What is your motivation for pursuing research studies at the interface with Life Sciences ? Describe previous interdisciplinary internships/training/interest you experienced, and what you learned from them. Please share with us any other information that you deem important for you application. the website of the university I want to apply is: http://www.aiv-paris.org/en/master-aiv/
Life Sciences Admission EssayNameInstitutionDate Due Life Sciences Admission EssaySince early childhood I had always been fascinated and amazed by the way life sciences contribute to the advancements in biological sciences. As a result I have always had great interest in the life sciences since when I was barely five years when I was not able to comprehend most of the complex concepts in life sciences. My passion for medicine and health organizations heightened since I was young because I was raised in a medical environment whereby my father is a doctor, my mom a dentist, while my three older brothers are all doctors. This has made me to always excel in life sciences and more preferably the biological sciences. Extensive study in life sciences during my undergraduate course has greatly inspired me to undertake a greater challenge in pursuing this Master`s program. Therefore, my aspiration to be a renowned research scientist in the field of life sciences has also made this Master`s program an absolute necessity for me.As a potential student in the life science (AIV) Master program, I will always strive to ensure that I am a tremendous asset by devoting the entire of my time and life towards ensuring that I become an exceptional scientist. I also strongly believe that it is my obligation to always ensure that I utilize my talents in a manner that is constructive and beneficial to the society. Hence I am convinced beyond any doubt that a research career in life sciences is the only profession which can give me that unique opportunity of expressing my talents while at the same time serving the humanity through immensely contributing to advancements in life sciences. Having read the graduate studies content carefully as well as on-going research programs at the AIV Program, I believe this program is the best opportunity to help me actualize my career and scientific aspirations. Moreover, I was born in France and did my French baccalaureate in 2007 followed by obtaining a Biology Bachelor`s degree at Northeastern University in 2012. These factors have intensified my interest to apply for this Master`s program in France. I am confident that my firm commitment to life sciences has merited me to be qualified to be part of this reputable and prestigious program...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions