What step are necessary to reach a successful conclusion?

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Northeastern Admission Essay

Question: Describe in detail an accomplishment of yours from a professional or volunteer setting of which you are most proud. What step are necessary to reach a successful conclusion? What challenges did you have to overcome? This happen when I was working with Boost Juice Bar. We were so happy about the performance of the stores during the Christmas/New year 2009 period. With our stores being located in the tropical island of Bali and located at the busiest traffic in Bali - Kuta Beach and Legian - and located at the most popular Australian tourist destination - Bali, the stores were never empty during that time. When the Christmas/New Year holiday are over, the stores were back to normal. Having experience outstanding sales performance during christmas/new year, I teamed-up with my two other colleagues, the store managers/supervisors to create a promotion plan. For a week the three of us discussed and brainstormed, to make the best plan of the program, including setting up of the criteria of the program : - The target is to generate a significantly sales increase whilst promoting our products (Juice & Smoothies). - We should not giving away any purchase discounts directly, as it will reduce our potential $ income. - But instead, we`re concentrating in up-selling (as we offer two sizes of the cups, the regular and the large cup). With this mechanism, for a customer buying a large cup size of our Juice or Smoothie plus a bottle of mineral water 330ml, they will get an extra bottle of mineral water free of charge. - We wouldn`t need to spend cost for this extra bottle for promotion, as we are going to propose to the supplier of this mineral water to support us with a spare allocation of free bottles of mineral water to use for our promotion. And it would be a sort of join promotion program with their product, as in a way we will also be promoting their products in our stores. -the program were to run for 30 days Realizing that this was my last chance to contribute since I`ll go back to college on February 2010, I want to make this plan work. Just two days before the promotion was to begin, I came up with additional program, to also running a competition among the team members, or stores, by which the store which registered the highest total numbers of cups + bottles sold by the end of the promotion period, will be entitled for a grand prize of Cash to be shared with the whole member of the team in the store. Very fortunately, the Management gave me a very positive feedback towards this proposal, and they approved to provide us with 5% of the total amount of sales generated from this program as a bonus/prize given to the store`s team which successfully produced the highest numbers of result. But in addition the Management gave us a minimum target to reach, if the highest result still below this target, then no bonus/prize will be given. The target given was 4500 sets of Large cups + Mineral water sold within 30 days, or 150 sets a day/store. Large cups without mineral water sold will not be counted. The whole teams were very enthusiastic with the program run, perhaps it was feeling of competition was clearly reflected there, as all the team members wanted their store to be the winner. On Sunday the 10th of February 2010 the program finished. On Friday February 15th the Management announced the result, and everybody was thrilled / overjoyed that both stores far exceeding the target. The winner registered over 9000 sets and the runner-up sold just around a hundred sets below it, which then led the Management to happily add the bonus prize and approved that 2.5% of the sales amount of the sets to be given as the prize to the runner-up store! It`s such a very happy ending moment for all of us in the team. We learnt a valuable experience of reaching success together as a team, and that a challenging task can be done as a game with an extremely fun for everybody!
Running Head: Northeastern Admission EssayName:Instructor`s name:Date due: Business was booming at Boost Juice bar during the eve and the aftermath of the Christmas of 2009. Being located in the tropical island of Bali and in the heart of the busiest traffic in the Island-Kuta Beach and Lagian, and also a popular Australian tourist desatination the bar enjoys a reputation over its location.This period was a milestone in my profession. After the Christmas festivals and the celebrations of ushering in the new year were over normalcy was back in the operations of the business. The experience of the high sales performance in the period led me and my workmates and created a promotion plan. It took us a week brainstorming on the best plan of the program and setting up the criteria for the program. The program aimed at generating a sales increase while promoting the products of the firm: Juice and smoothies The program stipulated that purchase discounts should not be given directly as we viewed it as reducing the potential incomes of the business. Rather, it focused on up-selling as we offered two sizes ...

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