What two issues are you most concerned with and why?

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Personal Proof Project: Issues that Concern Global Citizens


Personal proof project
“Truth can always be doubted and always be questioned, for what is real will remain beyond all our doubts, and what is true will withstand all our questions.” Anonymous
The purpose of the Personal Proof Project is to understand that a stance or opinion on a global, local, or personal issue should be based on logical reasoning and argumentation. In this project, you will address a global issue and construct reasoned arguments to justify an opinion.
First, what is Global Citizenship?
According to the Oxfam Global Citizen education project, the Global Citizen is someone who: 
• is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role in it 
• respects and values diversity 
• has an understanding of how the world works 
• is passionately committed to social justice 
• participates in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global 
• works with others to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place 
• takes responsibility for their actions.
See http://www.oxfam.org.uk/education/global-citizenship. 
Your project consists of four parts:
1. Research a Topic.
2. Write a Personal Statement.
3. Find five (or more) reasons which support your Personal Statement.
Give the citations for each of your reasons.
4. Reflect upon what you have learned. 
1. Research a Topic
Provide clear strong statements of your interest in the topic and/or position on the topic. Outline the main points to be discussed. Provide insightful questions and demonstrate strong interest in the topic. Cite three or more sources for your data.
What issues are of great concern to global citizens right now? 

What two issues are you most concerned with and why? 

Choose one of these issues for this project. Which issue did you choose and why?

2. Write a Personal Statement that reflects a point that you would like to make about this global issue. 

3. Your Personal Statement

Each statement must be justified. Use as many lines as necessary.

Personal Statement

Statements Justifications

4. Reflect upon your Personal Statement.

a. What do you think are the strengths of your Personal Statement? 

b. What could you have improved upon? 

c. How does this project relate to your role as a Global Citizen? 

d. How does this project relate to math class? 


Personal proof project (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Global issues Research topic The paper will focus on various global issues that greatly concern most global citizens. A global citizen is a person who is cognizant with the happenings or events around the world. The paper will mention some of the global issues that affect most people around the world but will concentrate on a single issue, that is, racism. A discussion will be provided on how it has become rampant in our today’s society and its effects. Issues that concern global citizens There are several issues that affect most people around the world that greatly concern global citizens. Some of these issues include global warming, racial discrimination, universal education, child mortality, unemployment and extreme poverty. First, racial discrimination is an issue of grave concern due to its growing prevalence in today’s society. Secondly, universal education is another serious issue that concerns most global citizens due


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions