what you think are the risks associated with these consultations

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You are asked by your Senior Assistant Deputy Minister to prepare a briefing note (maximum 3 pages) highlighting the proposed new legislation on education, the reactions of First Nations and stakeholders in the province of work (Ontario). We also ask that you include your recommendations on how you would proceed to consult First Nations on the subject and finally, what you think are the risks associated with these consultations. (If you have demonstrated an interest in more than one province of work, you may choose your first choice) Following your briefing note, you are also asked to prepare a draft letter (maximum 2 pages) from the Minister that will raise this subject with the First Nations Chiefs in the province of your choice. Assessment criteria: • Knowledge of relevant provincial and federal government policies and objectives • Knowledge of the history, aspirations, socio-economic environment, and cultural characteristics of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people in the province of work • Strategic thinking: Innovating through analysis and ideas Note: We ask that you provide a list of references you will have used to prepare your briefing note and letter.
Proposed education regulations and First Nations and stakeholders` reactions in Ontario Student Professor Course Date NOTE Education in the province of Ontario is very crucial and is taken seriously by everyone. It is very critical since it is the factor that moulds the young into productive and constructive individuals. It prepares them to face the everyday challenges and struggles of life. That is why everyone must give it great thought into ensuring that the environment in which it is provided is conducive and accommodating to all. It must be treasured and should be made sure that those that desire to learn, which everyone is, is given without measure. Many will try use it as avenues to achieving their selfish goals and objectives but it is proper that policies and regulations governing it are stipulated and amended when need arises (Herskowitz,, 1999). The government acknowledges the fact that there are regulations governing education already, but there is some new legislation that has been proposed to govern education. This new legislation has several provisions in it of which some are an amendment of already existing rules whereas others are new laws which are expected to be in effect in immediately. One of the laws enacted in the education act is one that redefines the meaning of the term bullying, and is sec.1 (1) of the act. The government and everyone are concerned of the state of learning environment that the students learn (Rosenthal, 2008). It is believed that the environment should be free of any form of insecurity and be safe and provide a positive climate to facilitate the student`s studies. Bullying has been given a meaning as an antagonistic behaviour by a student that is repetitive, and is either intended to cause harm, intimidate, inflict fear in an individual, and create a negative environment for a student. It is also defined as happening in situations where the bully feels superior to the other it terms of various characteristics such as race, intelligence, background, size, age and strength of the other party. The section has also been amended with the addition of the bullying and cyber-bullying subsection. These are meant to give clear distinctions of the two and to let everyone that bullying could happen in several ways (Rosenthal, 2008). The education act has also been amended by introducing a legislation that requires the board to formulate and implement an education policy that is inclusive and provides equity. The act also requires that the policy is submitted to the minister on requisition and suggested amendments on it implemented on the minister`s orders. The proposed legislation also establishes policies and guidelines respecting and promoting surveys. It also states that support and interventions to pupils who have been bullied, the bullies and those that have witnessed bullying be provided to them. It recognises that the support to such...

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