Where is everyone headed anyway?

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“Thoughtform” Creative Journal: The Crowded Subway Car


This is "visual arts study" course, the course name is "art and media culture".


Ginsberg’s creative practice of “first thought” is a form of writing that captures the immediate experience and perceptions of life before the critical mind attempts to censure it. It is the “raw material” of the psyche, the “thought form” is fresh and always original because it comes directly and uniquely from one’s subjective experience. Inspired by mindfulness and meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Hebrew prayers and 

psychedelic experiences, Ginsberg, as with other Beats such as Jack Kerouac and William Boroughs sought to bypass internal psychic censorship that was the part of the conditioned and normative reality of life in mid century America. For Ginsberg, the “image” of thought was part of the operations of creative thinking. Like a stream, the 

uninterrupted mind flows in a constant montage of images or thought forms. The Beats aspired to use the evocative power of language to explore lived realities of everyday human experience. This expressive mode of writing was in itself subversive as it unflinchingly reflected “irrational” and “primitive” qualities of our experience that 

modern society sought to eradicate.

“Writing poetry is a form of discovering who I am, and getting beyond who I am--to free the awakeness of consciousness--to a self that isn`t who I am. It`s a form of discovering my own nature, and my own identity, or my own ego, or outlining my own ego, and also seeing what part of me is beyond that.” Allen Ginsberg.

Creative Journal Assignment: 

Create three journal entry complimented by personal photographs that capture the spirit of Ginsburg’s Thoughtform approach to writing. 

Writing: Each journal entry should include one piece of writing of at the very least twenty separate “thoughtforms.” Also, It has to include one photograph. The individual “thoughtforms” can be short or long, it us up to you. They can capture a single moment in your day or be a reflection of whole passing day. They can include you passing observations, emotions and memories. They can be just point forms, and random thinking. Get in touch with the immediacy of experience. Don’t be afraid to allow your creativity to run free. 

You will not be marked on “content.” 

Photographs: For each journal entry, you need to include one photograph related to your journal. Use the camera to journal those quiet and hidden moments of everyday life and experience. Try to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. Allow the photos to tell a “behind the scene” story of your life: documenting your quiet reflective moments by yourself--or in company. You are only required to have one photograph per journal entry 

Name;Instructor:Course:Date:The Crowded Subway CarI look around me and there are faces all around mine. This man on my right is breathing into my ear and it does not feel comfortable. There is hardly enough space for me to move my numb feet, and the woman behind keeps pushing me around. She needs to settle in and relax or I am going to lose my mind. I think I understand why she seems so agitated, because I also feel the same way. Where is everyone headed anyway? What is on their minds? I have too many questions but, very few answers. Everyone seems to be thinking about something, but they are all moving in the same direction. Even my mind feels crowded from the thoughts of this large crowd. I can’t help but wonder if every on the car is having constructive thoughts. Now I am afraid, could there be a person amongst us that is having destructive thoughts? I wish I was home already, I think it is much safer in the house. There was that shooting last night ...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions