-Which financial statement, or statements, would be of most interest to investors?

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Financial Statement differentiation paper


Financial Statement Differentiation Paper

DUE Dec 16, 11:59 PM


Write a paper of approximately 700 words discussing the four different types of financial statements.  Explain the information provided by each statement and respond to the following questions.

-Which financial statement, or statements, would be of most interest to investors?

-Which financial statement, or statements, would be of most interest to creditors?

-Which financial statement, or statements, would be of most interest to management?

Answer the specific questions in the syllabus for this assignment.  To answer the questions, you need to discuss some details about why you made a certain choice.  For example, if you state the income statement is of most interest to investors, why did you make that choice?  The answer of the "why" supports your choice and demonstrates your understanding of the statement.  If you have problems locating the company information or other questions about the assignment, please ask.

This assignment is about describing why a particular financial statement is important for that user.  It is not about describing the statement.  If you describe all of the statements in detail and then state, “Management uses the …….statement that does not meet the requirements of the assignment. 

To summarize, at the beginning of your paper provide a brief description of the financial statements.  Then, you will have three sections—one to answer the questions about investors, one for creditors and a third for management.  You should write a short conclusion at the end of the paper.

Financial Statements Differentiation PaperName InstitutionFinancial Statements Differentiation PaperFinancial statements are formal records that show the financial activities of an individual, business, or institutions. Financial statements are usually presented in figures showing various expenditures, earnings, investment, and equity growth patterns of a business organization. The statements are analyzed by the relevant authorities and the information used to make major decisions. The most commonly used financial statements include balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of owner’s equity. Balance SheetA balance sheet is a statement that is used to show detailed information about a company’s assets liabilities and the shareholders’ equity. Another description that can be used is that that the balance sheet is used to show the financial position of a company. The balance sheet is prepared at the end of each financial year. The balance sheet is the most important statement to the creditor. The creditor is interested in analyzing the security and also the ability of the company in meeting its financial obligations. The balance sheet gives figures of the business’s short term and long term obligations. In addition, it provides the creditor with relevant information to calculate the company’s liquidity ratios. A creditor uses the liquidity ratios to determine the ration of a business’s assets that can be converted to cash to cover the business’s debts. The creditor may also be interested in finding out a company’s quick ratio. The quick ratio gives the creditor a satisfaction that in the event the company collapses, the short term assets will be sufficient to cover the debt owed to them (Peterson & Fabozzi, 2012).Income StatementThe income statement gives information about how much revenue the company has earned in a specific period of time. The income statement gives a report of all the amount of money that was spent in the ...

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