which of the elementary students are not at risk

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Uses of Epidemiology (Bhs 210-module 2)


BHS210-Module 2 - Case MEASURES OF MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY (USES OF EPIDEMIOLOGY) Twenty-five children in Fallsburg Elementary School (with a population of 60 pupils) received their immunization against whooping cough to protect the school’s student population. In your role as health officer, you collected the documentation from parents on the first day of school. You found that 25 students had received their immunization against the disease. You have been asked to explain some basic epidemiologic concepts to the parents who did not have their children immunized. You have been tasked to do the following: Define the term population at risk and indicate which of the elementary students are not at risk. Also describe the difference between incidence and prevalence. Be sure to justify your response with evidence from the literature. Assignment Expectations In order to earn full credit Length: 2–3 pages, excluding title page and references.

Bhs 210-module 2 - caseStudent’s NameUniversity AffiliationUses of EpidemiologyEpidemiology, as a health science, is a study of the prevalence of a disease and its percentage rate of occurrence in the separate classes of the population and the reasons as to this. This scientific study is useful in the planning and evaluation of the strategy to be employed to prevent spreading the illness and managing the current patients. The term ‘population at risk’ is used to refer to the part of the general population that may be exposed to the incidence of a health- related event, such as the total population that are under the possibility of contracting HIV. In this case, the population at risk will refer to the children who are placed at a disadvantage in terms of contraction of Whooping Cough (Tan, Trindade & Skowronski, 2005).. The children who have not received immunization are placed at the risk of contracting the disease- since they are vulnerable. They thus will be classified as the population at risk, and its percentage in assumption that Fallsburg Elementary School is a closed environment or an ...

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