Who is the author and what is their expertise in the field?

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Health impacts of food additives


Develop an annotated bibliography for one sources relating to your topic. These should be sources that you are using to help your argument. Find a purposeful, relevant, (academic) credible sources. Use MLA or APA conventions for bibliographic info. Following the usual Works Cited or References information, the below annotation should address the following things: Summarize the author¡¯s work. Paraphrase the author¡¯s explicit (or implicit) claim/thesis which you plan to work with in your paper. Who is the author and what is their expertise in the field? Locate the author¡¯s argument and acknowledge the context (time, cultural climate, etc.) in which they are working in. What and how is the definition/key term from the author¡¯s work adding to your argument, conceptually? Does it challenge, support, or raise a new point not considered about your topic at hand? How do you plan to use the source in your paper? Describe how you see it functioning. the first 5 sources should be Annotated Bibliography related to topic of "critical analysis"paper and the rest 10 sources should be Annotated Bibliography related to topic of "research paper"

Name:Instructor:Course:Date:Health impacts of food additivesIntroductionFood additives are quite common these days on the foods that most of the population consumes from the shelves. The food additives are basically chemicals that are added to the foods, to ensure that they preserve the texture, color, flavor and in most of the cases keep the food in question fresh for longer periods of time than normal. In this era of globalization, foods are imported and exported half way across the globe. For most of the foods such as the vegetables and fruits among others, their shelf life is quite short. This therefore brings onboard the idea of having additives to these foods to ensure that they stay fresh long enough to reach the intended market and stay on longer. In the same case, processed foods also undergo addition of these chemicals to ensure that they last longer on the shelves and in most other cases change their taste, color and texture. This paper delves deeper into the impact that these chemicals have when consumed. Burke, Karena. `Cocktail Of Chemicals: The Health Impact Of Additives In Processed Foods`. The Conversation.N. p., 2011.Web. 28 Jul. 2014.In her article, Burke brings out the fact that some of the food additives that are supposed to make the food taste better ma actually harm the body. The article, Burke gives the example of a cake and chocolate. The two are foods that have been known to contain additives that alter the way they taste and their texture along with increased shelf life. According to her augment, most of the people do not look past the taste they have in the mouth after taking bites of the delicious foods. However, some of the additives however much they may make the foods taste better, they have some impacts on the health. To further affirm her argument, she refers to one of the major studies that have been conducted within Australia in 2007, called the Southampton Study. In the study, a number of food additives such as colors and a preservative were found to be unhealthy to children. She also refers to another study conducted by Italians, which came to the conclusion that propylgallate, a preservative, mimic estrogen in the body causing hormonal imbalance. Burke who is a senior lecturer at Central Queensland University, teaching psychology, is well versed with information on human health. Her argument contributes directly to premise of this paper with close reference to the fact that food additive may indeed have negative health impacts.Huntley, Amy. `How Food Additives Affect Our Health`. healtheries 2013. Web. 28 Jul. 2014.In this blog article, Amy starts off by explaining the fact that children do not have well developed digestive tracts. This means that they are quite vulnerable to food additives, given that they do not have the capacity to break down some of the chemicals they eat in their foods. In her argument, the some of the chemicals in the food additives may have quite a diverse impact on the health of the ...

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