Why is it a social problem?

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Sociology: Social Problems


Prompt from the Instructor:

Choose only two out of the four questions and answer them thoroughly in one page for each question.

hink critically and make sure to have quality responses and be creative with your answers. You can refer to my powerpoints from my lectures and also refer to the textbook.

Don`t just summarize your answers from my powerpoints or the textbook but rather take into account what they say and put into your own words when you answer the two questions that you pick. Test #1 Questions: Due Monday, January 26th. 1.) Please define the term, “Social Problem” in your own words. (Refer to the textbook definition, if need be). Please identify a social problem that we currently face in the United States. Why is it a social problem? Next, please explain "functionalism", "symbolic interactionism" and "conflict theory". 2.) Please discuss the various tiers within mobility. Provide a detailed response highlighting each tier. Provide an example for each tier. 3.) Please define race and ethnicity. Please provide examples for each. Next, explore “racism”. What factors contribute to racism? Why does racism continue to exist within our society? Please refer to the powerpoints for specific details. 4.) Please develop a strategic plan to address sexism within our society. You will have total freedom in developing your strategy but please develop a detailed and thorough game plan. You will not be graded on your idea but rather, on your ability to articulate this plan. Notes from me the student: Here is where you can find the Social Problems powerpoints at my instructor`s website at: http://albertopimenteljr.weebly.com/social-problems.html Here is the ISBN number for the Sociology: Social Problems textbook: ISBN: 978-0-205-12562-3.


Name Instructor Course Date Introduction The term Social problem is ascribed to a condition, a set of events or group of individuals constituting a situation that brews trouble in a society. Social problems affect people from all walks of life and are determined by the times a generation lives in. This problems are known to breach some human rights and when not properly addressed would escalate into disasters. Only until a condition violates certain fundamental values and beliefs of a society should it be considered a social problem. Social Problem Currently Faced in the Un


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions