Why use databases? Isn`t Excel enough?

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CSC316 Assignment: Database Systems I Module 1 Discussions


Here are questions you can address. Choose one or several of the questions for your discussion: 
Why use databases? Isn`t Excel enough?
What makes databases special? What problems do databases try to address? Why is a relational database an excellent way to represent and store data? 
What happens if the database is poorly designed?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the relational model?
Measuring and Ensuring Success Contains unread posts
IT Projects are notoriously difficult to complete successfully and they are expensive to start with. Most failures can be attributed to issues not directly tied to technology issues, but rather issues of organizational behavior.
What are some ways in which we can measure the success of our IT projects? What are some ways we can increase our chances of success?


Database Name Instructor: Institution: Date: Inasmuch as Excel can perform some tasks that are similar to Access, it is still a spreadsheet application and therefore has its deficiencies when compared to databases. As a point of note, a database can easily operate with information or files that are way bigger than the available RAM, something that cannot happen with Excel (Stephens, 2011).Excel utilizes much of the available memory for its proper functioning. The other reason for the use of database over Excel is that they are multi-user, whereas Excel can only allow one user at a time (Philips, 2014). Databases are special because they come with multiple inbuilt functionalities that simplify data management. They help solve the problem of data retention, repeated computation, and simultaneous multi-user access from various locations. A relatio


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions