why users come to the site (for example, to find courses required for majors)?

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Explanation of Contradictory Words: How Visual Design Affects Comprehension


Page 1: Check the websites for two or more departments in your college or university. Are the parts of the websites arranged in the same order? Are there good reasons for any differences you see? Does the structure of the site reflect the organizational structure ("who we are") or reasons why users come to the site (for example, to find courses required for majors)?
*I go to Georgia Southern University*
Page 2: Explain these apparently contradictory statements by identifying a situation when each might be true:
1. Complex reading material may require long paragraphs.
2. Complex reading materials may require short paragraphs with headings or lists.
Explain how visual design affects comprehension. Give some specific examples of how an editor can use visual design to influence what a reader learns from a document.
Page 3: Use a machine translation (MT) tool, such as one that might be found at www.worldlingo.com (click on "Free Text Translation") to translate this paragraph into a language other than English that you are familiar with:
This transaction is a slam dunk, but we need to keep our eye on the ball. We need someone with experience who can effectively quarterback it; rookies need not apply for this position. Though the other company is interested, it will still be a sprint to the finish, so we’ll need to plan on going the whole nine yards. Though some new recruits could run interference, we’ll need to come out swinging. If this plan doesn’t work out, I don’t want anyone standing around wringing their hands and claiming it to be par for the course.
You should be able to copy and paste the paragraph into the web site.
After translating the paragraph into the language of your choice, try copying the translation beck into another translating program such as the one available with the Google Apps and translate it back into English. Identify the phrases and sentence structures that differ from everyday, idiomatic English. Make a list of portions of text cause confusion, misunderstanding or incomprehension. What do you think might be the overriding problem?
Page 4: Extra page if needed. Each section above should be at 200 words each


Discussions Name: Institutional Affiliation: Professor: Course: Date Website Analysis It is evident that from the websites, some of the parts are arranged in the same order but are only differentiated with the use of visual design effects. These differences can be depicted within two different departments with the primary reason for this aimed at capturing the reader’s attention by the use of the visual design effects. These differences therefore enable the users to track the tools required within the search engine. The differences within each and every department clearly show each and every departments information, thus enabling the users to navigate through the site for information on the departments. The website through it logo also defines the organizations belief and considers the institutions mission and vision.On the other hand, it is essential to consider that the structure of the site reflects the organizational structure since the website gives a presentation of the events within the institution, wh


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