Why was she not qualified?

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Jeri Caldwell at MOEX, INC


My reading part is Introduction and MOEX. (First 2 pages) Summarize the situation of this case study and define the problems Jeri Caldwell is facing in this case. For example, it was her 3rd time to fail the promotion at MOEX. Why was she not qualified? Why does she always come up short? Is this prejudice? sexism? etc.

NameCourseProfessorDateJeri Caldwell at MOEX, INCJeri Caldwell at MOEX is one of the interesting case studies that try to explore the challenges faced by employees with particular special needs within business organizations. It not only shows how people of color are faced with challenges in their employments but also reveals other challenges, which ordinary people can undergo in their organizations. This case introduces us to an ambitious employee at MOEX Corporation, Jeri Caldwell. Although she has all the capabilities to rise through ranks in leadership, this has never happened. She is employed in a reputable organization where everyone expects that promotions should be based on merit and not prejudice.As seen in the case, MOEX is reputable electronic company that was founded in 1966 and is one of the best and most reputable in the electronics industry. It is trying to ...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions