Why would you use gelatin for cytoplasm?

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Lab Report and the model of Eukaryotic Cell


The lab report should have the following sections: Introduction, explaining any appropriate background information that is needed to understand the experiment. Results, detailing the outcome (data) of the experiment and a Discussion that interprets the data. Be sure to submit your project in one WORD document in APA format How to build a eukaryotic cell Materials needed I. 6” x 9” x 2” deep (approximate size) clear plastic container with locking lid II. 2 large packages of clear or light-colored gelatin III. Various household items that resemble cellular organelles (dried string beans and the like use your imagination here!) IV. Digital camera (for documenting your work – see guidelines for digital cameral settings at the end of this document) Methods This is a rather simple exercise that gives you lots of latitude. You can be very creative and at the same time, learn quite a bit about how the organelles function within the cell. 1. Review the cell’s organelles and choose common household items that best represent each one. For example, kidney beans make nice ribosomes! 2. Using the plastic container, mix the gelatin according to the directions. Place the container in the refrigerator. 3. Watch the gelatin closely. Before it completely sets, add your “organelles” to the gelatin. The plastic container represents the cell membrane; the gelatin, the cytoplasm; and the various items, the appropriate organelles. 4. Once the gelatin has set completely, be sure to close the lid tightly. Turn the container upside down to give you an optimal view for taking photos of the contents. 5. Take photos of your “cell” from various angles. Create a legend to explain which items represent which organelles. Expected results and questions You should produce a presentable model of a cell, as exhibited in your photos and legend. Answer the following questions as part of your report. List all major organelles depicted, the household item chosen for each, and a brief explanation of your selections. 2. Why would you use gelatin for cytoplasm? 3. Write a brief narrative of how this exercise helped your understanding of cellular organelles. Submission Write a report describing your lab experiment experience including the conclusions you have reached. Take pictures of your results with a digital camera (or you may scan a photograph). The digital file should be a low-resolution JPEG file. Submit your report as a Word doc along with the digital file. Guidelines for digital camera settings The following digital camera settings are recommended when documenting your work. ISmall — 640x480 pixels INormal or Standard Auto Flash (indoor/outdoor as needed) Close-up / Macro Help with inserting digital images into Microsoft Word documents Once you have downloaded your digital photographs to your computer, the method for inserting those photographs into your assignment document is simple. The process is outlined in the Microsoft Word application Help files [see Insert a picture from a file] and also demonstrated in a tutorial available at through the Microsoft Web site: http://office.microsoft.com/training/Training.aspx? AssetID=RC010264821033&CTT=6&Origin=RC010264821033

Lab Report and the model of Eukaryotic CellNameUniversity Household Item usedOrganelle RepresentedBrown coco cereal clusterSmooth Endoplasmic ReticulumRubber round Secretory VesicleGold cuff linkLysosomeFlower shaped eraserGolgi Apparatus Blue good luck charm with white centerThe white part is the nucleus and the blue part surrounded it represents the nuclear envelo...

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