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International negotiations

Research essay. Will upload instructions. Source will be articles from internet. Thank you. Midterm_essay-negotiation.docx 1). Find an article (or several) that`s dealing with International negotiations, such as imports, exports, franchise set ups, etc. All articles must have a negotiation, or some type of conflict happening. 2). Write an essay with no less than 4 pages in length, double spaced, 12 font. 3). The essay will answer the following questions: A) Write a brief summary about the situation. B) What is the major conflict? C) Has it been resolved? How? 4) If not resolved, give your recommendations as how you feel it could be resolved. 5) Name, date and assignment title will be on the upper right hand side of the first page. This essay must be referenced per APA format.
Name:Professor:Institution:Course:Date:International negotiationsInternational negotiation is about negotiation between nations. It can occur between governments of different countries or between companies and individuals, where even the most experienced domestic negotiators may find themselves ensnared in the cross border tricks and traps. International negotiation is rarely between individuals but is mainly between large delegations that are well organized and each and every person has skills of negotiation. There may be linguistics, subjects` specialists, and cultural experts as support and chief negotiators. A good international negotiation takes good notice of the customs, the culture and is conducted with tactfulness and diplomacy. Good negotiators are well informed not only about their own culture but also of the other side . This essay will focus on an international negotiation process by a marketing manager in a U.S technology firm and a Germany Corporation (Katz, 2004). It will identify the type of conflict and give recommendations on how the issue could have been resolved.Summary of the situationA marketing manager representing a large U.S technology company was going to market their products in a one of the largest companies in Germany. He wanted t sell to them a new products that they would use in their system. Owing to the fact that the product was very new in the German market, a price for the product had not yet been established and the marketer had high hopes of getting a premium price for this technology. The marketer made the presentation well and the German Panel were very interested and so they asked what price the product would go for. The market gave an initial figure of 12 dollars and for a very long moment, the German side did not respond meaning that they did not find the price favourable. The marketer then gave another offer of 10 dollars but still, the German side did not respond as they were not contented. After waiting for almost 25 seconds without a word from the German side, the marketer gave another offer of 7 dollars. The German side looked a bit puzzled but they were now contented. This is not a story but something that happened a few years ago. Eventually, the company won the contract but at a price of 2 to 3 dollars lower than they expected to achieve. Since the sales volumes were large, the company ended up getting...

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