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Write a JAVA program that would facilitate text chatting/exchanging between two or multiple computers over the network/internet, using the concept of JAVA socket programming. If you do not have any network environment, you can run on a single machine by instantiating your program multiple times. E.g. you can have program1 and program 2 running on same machine exchanging texts between themselves.


This assignment is designed to asses following learning outcomes:

  • be able to write programs that would communicate with another program running in the network;
  • be able to deconstruct/analyse the object-oriented features of a Java program;

Marking Criteria



Full marks


CR (CR+)

DI (CR+)

HD (DI+)



 Very basic presentation
(no screen shots are

 Report with few screen shots is submitted

 Report with enough screen shots is submitted

 Report with enough screen shots is submitted. The discussion on each screen shot is easy to read and understand.

Graphical User Interface


Interfaces for ithe clients/servers are not done properly

Interfaces for the clients/servers are done properly with necessary components.

 Texts being exchanged between both parties


 Partially done. E.g. the socket is created but other parts are not working

 Connection established but texts are not exchanged

 Connection established and texts are being exchanged both way

 Working perfectly and the interface is user friendly



Following items are to be submitted in the Turnitin:

Report: The report (in .doc or .pdf format) should explain how to run your program (1 or 2 page long) and any settings needed to run your program. Enough number of screenshots should be shown in the document. In case if the assignment marker fails to run your program, because of any inconvenience, these screenshots would show how the program worked on your machine/environment.

Source code and other files: All source codes, exe file and other relevant files must have to be zipped in a folder such that unzipping would keep the file/folder structure unaffected.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions