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Strategic Resort Management


MBA Strategic Resort Management Assignment

Please read instructions below carefully.

Choose two resorts in a country or destination with which you are familiar. The two resorts should be similar to each other and both come from any one of these categories: mountain, beach/marina, sports, cruise, casino, or specialty themed resorts. 

Side Note: Please do not use a Hilton brand as I have used this for previous assignments.

A potential investor is trying to decide which one of the two resorts would be a more attractive investment opportunity. Your task is to compare the operation, performance and attractiveness of the two resorts.

Write a report for the potential investor. You have been asked to include the following: 

The characteristics of the two resorts and an analysis of their attractiveness (from the point of view of an investor). You could examine briefly the demand for resort tourism in your region and the relative demand for each of the two resorts. You could also analyze the characteristics of your chosen country/destination and how these might influence the desirability of these resorts.

Your views about how well the resorts are managed (using the concepts discussed in this subject) and your reasons for these views.

An analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing techniques of each resort, and a brief discussion about an appropriate marketing approach for each.

Details of how you would improve tourists’ experiences at each resort. This discussion should be based upon academic concepts and principles you have learnt in this subject.

A recommendation identifying which resort has the best managerial and investment appeal (with justifications for the recommendation).

You should include a brief overview of each resort for the benefit of the investor. Additional information about the resorts could be placed in an appendix.

Your discussion should be built upon strong analysis of the literature and evidence of deep individual thinking about the issues within the report.

You may use an appendix to present summaries of the data you have collected. This is not part of the word count.

Important MBA Assignment instructions

This is for an MBA program and that research should be deep and the standpoint should be firm (executive).

Marking for this paper is based on:

• Principles learnt (for example, number and understanding of principles referred to, their influence on the structure of this paper, number and correct citations of references, use of appropriate jargon)

• Applications of principles. That is, the analysis and evaluation of the example problem based on the principles, including the final recommendations and their justification

• How well the example problem was described, including the extent and depth of information (including the data) about it that was accessed.

• Structure &Presentation

• Style, grammar and language

Assignment requirements;

Harvard Style

12 – 20 Peer Reviewed in text references

Word Count (Max 2500 Word Count with 10% allowance = 2750 (Word count does not include Exec Summary, Table of Contents, Titles/Headings and sub headings, references or Appendices) 

Repot format to be adhered to ie with Table of Contents that include;

Exec Summary 

Table of Contents






Headings and sub headings with correct format ie 



1.3. etc

12 Point Calibri

Line spacing 1.5 for assignment

Single spacing for Reference section

English (US, UK or Australian)

Default Margin 3.17 Left/3.17 Right

2.54 Top/Bottom

Left aligned 

Make sure there are no indents or hanging indents

No plagiarism allowed

Assignments must contain proper citations and referencing using the Harvard style referred to in the AIB Style Guide, that is:

a. citations (or in-text references) of quoted and paraphrased materials to support your arguments/comments, and

b. a reference list relating specifically to your in-text references.

2. The grade will be adversely affected if there is no/poor citations and/or reference list, as referred to above.

3. Assignments of this nature normally contain between 12 and 20 relevant references from different peer sources in the reference list. Must be Peer Reviewed.

4. All references must be from credible sources. Journals sourced from the EBSCO Host library (see Online Library User Guide on the next page) should be used first, then books, company documents and other media.

5. The total number of words should not exceed 2750 words - See above note. (Penalties will apply if you exceed the word limit). You may place any supporting material that exceeds this word limit in the appendices. However, a reader should not have to look at an appendix to determine the main thrust of the points you are making in your assignment. So make sure all your main points are in the body of your assignment and refer to the appendices that will support the points you are making.


Strategic Resort Management Name Course Tutor Date Executive summary A resort is a place frequently visited for a vacation, relaxation or a specific purpose. In the U.S, there are many resorts each with distinctive features. Resorts are common among travellers, tourists, families and other people who like visiting new places for recreational or vocational purposes. With the continuing growth of economy of the country, the hospitality industry in the U.S is becoming more attractive for investors as more people are becoming fond and able to afford visiting places such as resorts. Although many resorts may seem to provide similar amenities and hence becoming difficult to differentiate them, investors considers various issues in order to make well-informed decision of whether to invest in a certain resort or not. Besides amenities offered by a resort, other factors deemed important when making such an investment decision, include the issue of operations, marketing and management of a particular resort. This paper analyses the investment attractiveness of two resorts in the U.S, the Paradise Guest Ranch and KD Guest Ranch. The Paradise Guest Ranch is a suitable place for horseback riding and golfing. The cabins are fully furnished to meet the needs of every guest. The activities offered in the ranch include hiking, fly fishing, lunch rides, talent shows, horseback riding and guided trips. There are varied facilities and adult activities that include a bar, live music, a pro...


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