Write an effective professional business letter addressing a policy defining healthcare delivery and systems of care. IV.C.2

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Nursing Issues Letter

Health Advocacy Letter guideline: 70 points DUE 11:59PM Oct 29th Upon completion of this letter, the student will: I.B.1. Describe quality improvement concepts, processes, and outcome measures with directions from appropriate resources. II.C.1. Analyze the current elements that impinge on healthcare and on nurse leaders. III. B. 2. Write an effective professional business letter addressing a policy defining healthcare delivery and systems of care. IV.C.2. Demonstrate active involvement in the policy defining healthcare delivery and systems of care. Directions: 1. Select a health topic issue that interests you. Look around your work place, profession, community, or for state or national legislation that affects you. Read the following list for ideas that might interest you (you may research other topics for your advocacy letter). Do not choose to write national/state legislators about staffing ratios, as you have written about this in a previous class. You can write about other issues to them. Health issues/topic ideas you may use; or choose another of special interest to you: • Implementing hospital policy for palliative/hospice end of life care; advanced directives. • Advocating your HC organization to develop a defined leadership pathway that prepares front-line RNs for leadership and management positions. • Advocating for professional media access, (i.e. professional e-database w/ full text) at your work place to promote your EPB point-of-care. • Advocate for self scheduling of RNs on your unit (see self-scheduling on nursing unit) • Advocate to stop infant formula "give-aways" in the newborn/post partum units. • Advocate that all mothers of newborns be offered HepB vaccine (HBV) information (or vaccine) before d/c`d. • Advocate for promoting safe workplace ergonomics: i.e. ‘lift team;` lift equipment; or a lift policy for all patients > 100 pounds; More or conveniently positioned computer terminals; more desk space; • Propose a model of nursing care guideline you think would improve patient care (i.e. scheduled oral health care for ventilated patients). • If you`re a Male RN, view the American Assembly of Men in Nursing (linked: AAMN.org ) website for advocacy issues they are working on (i.e. diversity education opportunities for men). • Advocate for a needed bike lane, sidewalks, cross-walk along a busy highway, Sex education in high schools. Etc. etc. (all those ideas from your PH/Community nursing class). • Advocate for an organizational change on your unit or hospital (staffing mix, equipment, consulting, etc) 2. The letter should be addressed to the person with responsibility for the issue being addressed (i.e. who has authority to change this matter? i.e.: Your Hospital committees approves in-house policy changes; For Healthcare bills, your state district representative has authority over state legislation; and, your Florida congressman represents you in the House of Representatives for federal/national bills. Look up the specific bill number if you write your representative – on his/her website). Other persons of authority: City Council, mayor, school district superintendent, etc. (follow the suggested four-paragraph format for effective advocacy letters linked under assignment file and here example of how to write advocacy letter. Use business block format; view example of business block format Instructions Points Grade 1. Select a health topic issue 5 2. Address your letter to the person(s) with responsibility for the issue being addressed; who has the authority to change this matter? 10 3. In the first paragraph clearly state what you want them to do (the action), or the reason for your contact. (See link above on how to write an advocacy letter) 10 4. Second paragraph, explain the problem in more depth. Stick to the most relevant points and avoid the use of jargon or very technical language in your explanation. (do not cite your evidence in the letter – only list on the (separate) APA reference page . 15 5. In your third paragraph, give the official a personal connection to the issue you are raising. Explain why this action is relevant to you, your patients, community, or profession. 10 6. Lastly, in the fourth paragraph, repeat the requested action and thank your official for their time and attention to the matter you have raised in the letter. 10 The letter must be in business block format (see linked example above). Correct spelling and grammar. 5 APA References are on a separate page. (Your APA reference page should reflect your evidence of the issue). 5 Total Possible: 70 points
Your full nameMailing AddressPhone NumberDateTo:NamePositionMailing AddressDear Sir/Madam (Full Name)My idea is for nurses to be trained or management solutions so as to prepare them for future management positions. As the need for more capable and strong leaders who have a comprehensive insight on what goes on in the health care system increase, nurses are becoming more important in healthcare. By taking more responsibility in leadership and management in the health care system, more nurses need to be trained on how to lead and what are the qualities of an effective and competent leader.Nurses have proved to be coming in...

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