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Week 2 - Participation Activity 1(4 marks)


Using the guidelines in ‘How to email your lecturer’ in the Week 2 readingon the Moodle website, write and send an email to your local lecturer from your CQU student email account. The body of the email should have two parts: a Personal Biography; and how you plan to use the knowledge and skills from this Unit in your future career. The email should be written in first person as you are writing about yourself. The message should include conventional elements such as a greeting at the beginning, a salutation at the end and an email signature containing your full name, student number, courseof study and your campus/workshop details. Note that a copy of the email MUST be uploaded into Moodle for marking purposes.


Part A - Personal Biography

You need to include in the email awell-structured“Personal Biography” (approximately 200words). The biography should contain an overview of your undergraduate education, work experience, and important achievements/milestones from your life that are not covered in the education or work aspects.


You may have gone straight from school to undergraduate study and then onto postgraduate study at university and have no work experience (including any past/present part time or volunteer jobs).  If that is your situation then you should explain why you have no work experience and briefly describe your plans for work in future. Similarly, this applies for theabsence of achievements/milestones.Write about your future plans.


Part B –Future Career Goals relating to COIT20249, and any questions or suggestions

The email should describe how you expect to use the skills and knowledge from COIT20249 to achieve your future career goals. You should link your plans with the relevant weekly topics from the Unit Moodle website/Unit Profile to identify your expectations. Another paragraph should include any questions and/or suggestions you may have about this Unit.

Part B should be about 200 words.



Upload a copy of the sent email to Moodle (in the form of a MS-Word document) to be marked. Add all the email header details, the content of the message and also a screenshot of your sent message to an MS-Word file and submit. Do not submit an image file only. Students will be penalised if there is no MS-Word file to mark as this enables the marker to provide feedback through Track Changes.When sending the email,include Parts A and B in the email itselfas part of the message andnot as a separate attachment.


If you use Outlook you can open the message and click “save as” and save the message as a text file that you can upload into Moodle – however the formatting will be lost so you will need to ensure that you edit it to make it easy to read and understand. Or you could copy and paste the header details and content of the message in a MS-Word file and also add a screenshot of your email to that file and upload into Moodle.



  • Recommend use of headings and paragraphs to clearly identify separate elements
  • Do not write minor details in part A. This is a semi-formal biography (similar to introducing a speaker) so only the key points should be provided.
  • No references are needed for this activity unless you are repeating this Unit in which case self-referencing is required. This is about you. Write in your own words.
  • A copy of the sent email has to be uploaded into Moodle to be marked.
  • Word count 400 words (+/- 10%).


Marking Criteria


The email should have appropriate entries for the following fields:

  1. To field – email address of the local lecturer and an appropriate greeting at the beginning of the message.
  2. Subject field (Unit Code: brief summary to indicate the topic of your email). See week 2 reading ‘How to email your lecturer’ for more details.COIT20249 is the Unit Code.
  3. An appropriate salutation including your name, and your email Signature (Full name, Student number, course of study, campus/workshop). Note that your course of study is the degree in which you are enrolled.

(1.5 marks)

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