Write in current Turabian style – All guidelines MUST be followed. 5–full pages in length; typed, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins.

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To End a War by Richard Holbrooke


506: Book Review 02 Instructions and grading rubric


*** Read all instructions and grading rubric carefully before writing your research paper. You are responsible for having read and understood these documents.

You will write a book review on To End a War by Richard Holbrooke. Be sure to review the “Book Review Grading Rubric” (below) before starting this assignment.

The “Book Review” should be 5–full pages in length, not including the title and reference page. Format your review in 5 main sections: Introduction, Summary, Critique, Personal Response, and Conclusion. Do not summarize or critique the chapters chronologically. Consider the book as a whole. Avoid excessive quotations. State the authors’ view points in your own words and give specific page references when paraphrasing. Remember, in this book review, you MUST show 7 connections to a geopolitical framework (for these 7 connections – highlight in yellow).

  • Introduction

Give a brief introduction of the book you are reviewing. Be sure to include a thesis statement of the major points, etc. (Brief introduction MUST be at least 6-8 sentences long)

  • Summary

Summarize the main theme of the book. What is the overall perspective, purpose, or argument of the book? If the author wanted you to get one idea from the book, what would it be?

  • Critique

This section needs to balance the book`s strengths and weaknesses in order to unify your evaluation. What strikes you as noteworthy? What has the book accomplished? In what ways was the book effective or persuasive? Challenge assumptions, approaches, or arguments made by the author. Does the argument make sense? You can offer agreement or disagreement and identify where you find the work exemplary or deficient in its knowledge, judgments, or organization. Provide concrete evidence for your assertions. Support judgements with references from the textbook reading in this course. Be sure that your evaluation is balanced, respectful, and fair. Control the tone of your critique.

  • Personal Response

This section should demonstrate how the book has enhanced your understanding of the issues in the book, etc. You must also introduce new ideas that go beyond the book if they compliment ideas you have gleaned from reading in the book. Rmemeber, go beyond “just” your personal response to the book – Think outside the box.


  • Conclusion


Give a brief conclusion (Brief conclusion MUST be at least 8-10 sentences long).


***Further Instructions on Assignment:

Please follow instructions above and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully. Make sure this assignment has an Introduction, Summary, Critique, Personal Response, and Conclusion.  Must be formatted in current Turabian style and include a title and a bibliography page. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for citations. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. DO NOT STRAY FROM WHAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ASKING; MAKE SURE TO COVER ALL AREAS BEING ASKED (ABOVE UNDER “PROMPT”). Remember, this is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important.


ONLY use the sources I’ve asked (below).


It is important to write persuasively and think critically as well as thinking outside the box.


***Further Instructions on Sources: I will upload the full book; it is split up into 6 parts. Read the whole book, then write the book review.


  1. 8 references/citations from the book itself, To End a War by Richard Holbrooke. (Be sure to cite properly as well as including the correct page number for each references/citations – Paraphrase and write in your own words as well).


  1. 3 biblical principles/scriptures MUST be used and incorporated – Do not randomly pick a biblical verse. Only choose biblical verses that makes sense and has connections with what is being written.


  1. Word document “Thesis Statement for Book Review” will help and guide you on how to write one properly for a book review.



Again, you MUST:

  1. Write in current Turabian style – All guidelines MUST be followed. 5–full pages in length; typed, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins.
  2. Have minimal grammatical and no spelling errors.
  3. Have and show that major points are clearly articulated and sufficiently supported. Introduction, summary, critique, personal response, and conclusion are evident, clear, and concise.
  4. There are 8 references/citations to the book are present and clearly demonstrated.
  5. There are 3 biblical scriptures that are present and clearly demonstrated.
  6. Show 7 connections to a geopolitical framework. (Please highlight these 7 connections to a geopolitical framework in yellow).

Book Review: To End a War by Richard Holbrooke Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Book Review: To End a War by Richard Holbrooke Introduction The book being reviewed in this paper is titled To End a War authored by Richard Holbrooke. The author provides a good comprehensive and in-depth description of what took place behind the scenes prior to and at Dayton Peace Agreement so as to end a war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. To implement Dayton Peace Agreement, a structure had been created wherein the authority and responsibility would not rest on any one institution or individual. Holbrooke also gives the readers a quick look of other negotiations that he has been involved in and the way negotiations generally go on regarding key global powers with hot urgent issues. This book is highly recommended those who are very much interested in the wars that took place after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Thesis statement: the following review of Holbrooke’s work, To End a War, will include a summary of the book’s main theme, critique of the book, as well as personal response. Summary The main theme in Holbrooke’s work To End a War is how dangerous, challenging, and difficult diplomacy can actually be in the midst of a war. The author’s description of his attempts to bring peace to the Balkans – or put simply, To End A War – is an-depth, thoughtful, and candid study of the practical difficulties that diplomats – supported by policymake...

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