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Outbreak at Water`s edge

Outbreak at Water`s edge this will help prepare you for future discussions and assignments. This week`s assignment will surround MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) you may go to What`s New? ( or find your own source. Briefly address the following: Why is this within the purview of Public Health? Why and how are we keeping track of or involved in this issue? How has epidemiology contributed in this case/issue? How might this information be relevant to you personally/professionally? How does any of this tie into this week`s studies? Optional but very informative links: Epidemiology Definitions **** Epidemiology Basics The Social determinants of health ****
Outbreak At Watersedge Name: Institution: Date: OUTBREAK AT WATERSEDGE Outbreak at Watersedge is an interactive game from the public health school, putting players in the duty of an official of public health that tries to track down the cause and source of a certain mysterious illness, which hit a tiny community of Water sedge. Moreover, the game discovers the public health features through letting the player locate the cause of an outbreak of bacteria in a certain community (Bermingham, Chand, Brown, Aarons, Langrish & Zambon, 2012). The people involved in the game are exposed to public health professional tools as well as public health career options. This game is very important in all communities because it helps to the cause of bacterial outbreak, and this would help in controlling or stopping the same. The discovery of the cause of outbreak would result to safety of public health, as it would prevent more spread of diseases and deaths likely to occur. Keeping track o...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions