You should prepare for presentation a fully documented design study for a scheme based on the development of a vacant site, which contains a vacant existing 3-storey Grade II listed family dwelling into luxury apartments

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You should prepare for presentation a fully documented design study for a scheme based on the development of a vacant site, which contains a vacant existing 3-storey Grade II listed family dwelling into luxury apartments. The programme of works will include Building refurbishment with additional new build elements for a residential conversion. The new flagship apartments should also embracing a green and zero carbon approach were viable.

The first aim of the project is to undertake a site analysis and a feasibility study of the Sefton park area, to evaluate the development potential in the first instance through its interactions with its surroundings and future method statements. The first part will be a design intervention that will address the formulation of architectural details from first principles, concept design, client requirements and user factors. This exercise will inform your rationale for your early-proposed design. The second part of the project will be emphasizing the technical design development, production information and technical regulatory factors affecting build-ability integration and appreciation of structural systems and services. You will then develop up designs to a detailed planning and building regulations design stage, investigating the choice of materials and the detailing of the built form. You will prepare and coordinate design documentation involving the use of CAD, 2 and 3D to an advanced level and gain an introduction to Revit. You will look at statutory consents and other design constraints requirements. You will be made aware of graphical drawing standards for working drawings, correct annotation of details and interrelationships with other drawings including general arrangement drawings, schedules, and component detail drawings. Finally, how in professional practice you present design drawings using a range of presentation techniques and present the work to your peer group and to your module tutors.

All the work produced must be your own so it is very important that you pace yourself throughout the project to complete the three stages or elements of the project on time

Each student develops an individual submission - this is not a group project.

Project Brief:

A local property developer has purchased a vacant plot of land based locally within the Grade 1 listed

Sefton Park area in Liverpool and would like you to give him a dynamic solution to maximise his investment with the production of full planning and building regulation proposals with appropriate Listed building applications.

The project brief is to prepare a fully documented imaginative design study based on the development of a vacant plot of land and building, which has an existing 3 storey Grade II listed family dwelling with lower ground floor into a commercially viable design for new luxury apartments and possible new build.

The building must meet at least meet following criteria:

1. Apartments of appropriate design & size for the area

2. Minimum of two bedrooms

3. Building interior to include services & plant room

4. Bin Storage areas and facilities

5. No. and design of cycle storage facilities

6. Site to contain appropriate car parking spaces if required.

7. Site to contain appropriate landscaping.

8. The building should reflect green design, use of sustainable materials and energy Conservation were required.

9. The building should be an imaginative solution reflecting a high building performance solution using a domestic approach to construction, SIPS, high performance glazing, dynamic glazing, insulation, sound proofing.

10. Building of course to meet all statutory requirements.


You must then individually prepare RIBA stage 3 & 4, Developed Design and Technical Design proposals for your own scheme. You should have as a minimum site plans, proposed floor plan, and proposed elevations. An example of the type of drawings you are required to produce will be shown in class. A file


Of drawings needs to be submitted electronically via blackboard for coursework 2 (and hard copies printed and presented for coursework 3).

A series of appropriate drawings and documents must be prepared showing:

1. Completion of a Planning application and LBC application to accompany drawings

2. Existing Site plan

3. Proposed Site plan identifying building locations, car parking and detail landscaping.

4. Existing Building floor plans

5. Proposed Building floor plans indicating interior layout – A1

6. Building elevations (minimum) – showing material specification – A1

7. Report: You are to prepare a report that is suitable for providing a professional building design team with a working knowledge of sustainable design principles through an analysis of the building. The report is to be aimed at experienced, numerate building professionals.

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