Your brief is to act for your client, a prospective buyer of the school building as lead consultant. You will initially be responsible for advising your client in relation to the building in its existing form.

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Your brief is to act for your client, a prospective buyer of the school building as lead consultant. You will initially be responsible for advising your client in relation to the building in its existing form. Your client is intending to adapt/convert the building however and you will also be required to act with regard to these proposals. Unless otherwise stated assume that your brief includes the design, supervision, contractual and financial management, and quality control of the adaptation work.

Your client has a portfolio of small individual historic/country house hotels and has been looking for a potential development opportunity in this area. Your client therefore needs you to act as lead consultant in order to develop these proposals.

Your client has developed a model for each hotel and has stipulated the following key requirements which you should aim to achieve at this site.

 The hotel needs to provide bedrooms and public rooms to a standard expected for a four star hotel

 All bedrooms need to have their own bathroom facilities

 The main entrance and reception area needs to reflect the history of the building and the existing staircase and features that exist in this area need to be incorporated into this.

 Every effort should be made to incorporate any remaining historical features in other areas within the building into the design.

 The hotel should include a restaurant and kitchen to serve the wider market.

 A major funding stream for the hotel chain is the function spaces for weddings, business functions, seminars and meetings. It is important therefore that the design attempts to include a range of spaces suitable to these uses.

 A lift will be required to serve the first floor.

As each hotel in the group is individual and utilises old and unique buildings it is recognised that it will not always be possible to provide every facility at every site. Any omission from the key requirements needs to be fully justified however.

Please note that the drawings represent existing drawings made available by the previous owner of the building. They are to an approximate scale and include only key dimensions. It is accepted however that you will need to scale from these drawings and make assumptions on the construction details to enable scheme designs to be developed. It is imperative however that you state fully the assumptions you have made as marks will be awarded on the basis that you have worked in a professional and realistic manner when dealing with these assignments and your answers will be assessed with this in mind. In tackling either of the resit assignments, you should first prepare yourself by studying or revising the study material and reading any other information to which you have access. Each assignment calls for an understanding of a number of topics, and only by referring to material outside the study notes will you be able to give a full and complete answer. In some instances you will be required to call upon your earlier studies of The Technology of Building to develop answers more fully.

3.0 Presentation Requirements

 Follow the requirements given on the VLE under ‘Assignments Office’ in the ‘Academic Support’ section.

 Text should be word-processed, one and a half line spacing, in Arial/Times New Roman, size 12 font.

 Start each task for either assignment on a new page. Clearly state the task title at the top of the sheet.

 Textual answers to each task should contain a coherent structure – numbered headings using an appropriate format for report answers; unnumbered headings for tasks not requiring an answer in report format.

 You must reference any source material, including articles from the Internet, using the Harvard system – see College guidance on this in the ‘Study Skills’ section of the VLE. .

When using the Internet for referencing purposes be sure to double-check your sources.


The graphical section of Resit Assignment 2 requires you to compile at least four A3-size drawings, all in ink on plain white A3-size drawing paper suitably folded for incorporation into an A4-size folder. Do not present your drawings on tracing paper.

General arrangement plans are required to 1:100 and must be your own work, either freehand or formal drafting. CAD is acceptable in these assignments. Drawings should be neat, labeled, and should clearly indicate main fixtures (sanitary provision, kitchen surfaces, basic furniture layouts), including door swings, fire doors and protected corridors. Identify the accommodation on the ground and first floors as follows:  Ground floor: Resident communal facilities along with guest receptions, restaurant and kitchens and any other staff facilities.  First floor: Proposed general arrangement plan to show the number of guest bedrooms to be provided. Each room should have its own bathroom and the plan should show this along with the proposed furniture layouts.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions