1. A general description of the museum: its purpose, what it includes. Include the date

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New York Transit Museum


Please read instructions

Individual Field Trip Report: New York Transit Museum

Due March 3

Visit the New York Transit Museum, Corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn Heights. (www.mta.info/museum) Tel. 718-694-1600. Admission: $7.

Visit the entire museum, including two of the long-term exhibits:

• Steel, Stone & Backbone: Building New York`s Subways 1900-1925

• Moving the Millions: New York City’s Subway from Its Origins to the Present

Following your visit, write a typed, double-spaced report of 1000 words total (including the essay in #5 below) that covers the following five elements in the following order (in the p. 1 top right corner: your name, SFC History 1201-15, date of your submission, and the word count of your paper):

1. A general description of the museum: its purpose, what it includes. Include the date 

that you visited the museum. (1 paragraph)

2. Describe 3 things that you saw during the visit that really caught your attention 

and captured your interest. What did you learn from each of them, and why did 

they strike you as significant? (3 paragraphs)

3. Write a brief account, based on what you learned in the museum, of Elizabeth 

Jennings Graham and her role in integrating New York City public transport in the 

1850s. (1 paragraph)

4. Write a short letter to the director of the museum and say what you liked 

about the exhibit. Make 1-2 suggestions for what you feel could improve the 

museum and its access to the public. (1 paragraph)

5. Conclude with an essay of 500 words on the following theme: “New York City and 

the Subway: Inseparable Since Birth.”


Name: SFC History 1201-15 Submission date Word count: 1275 words Individual Field Trip Report: New York Transit Museum Name Institution Introduction I visited the New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn on Saturday 21st February 2015. The museum was initiated close to four decades ago and is the largest in the United States. It is ranked among the leading cultural institutions and also among the premier institutions globally. It is committed to urban public transportation history. The museum which is located within a historic 1936 IND subway station endeavor to shed light on how the region of the great New York metropolitan has developed. This is achieved through offering exhibitions, educational programs, tours and workshops based on social, cultural and technological account of public transportation. The museum is credited for sharing with different audiences the rich and exciting history of the public transport at local, regional and global level. Within the Museum, there are several exhibitions that are really attractive and makes one have the feeling that paying the museum a visit is worth a thousand times. Some of the exhibits that attracted my


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