1.1 Analyse stakeholder mapping techniques

Title Develop working relationships with stakeholders Skills CFA Reference M&L 32

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Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

The learner will:

The learner can:


1. Understand working relationships with stakeholders



1.1 Analyse stakeholder mapping techniques

1.2 Explain how influencing skills and techniques can be used to enhance the relationship with stakeholders

1.3 Explain how expectation management and conflict resolution techniques are applied to stakeholder management

1.4 Analyse the advantages and limitations of different types of stakeholder consultation

1.5 Evaluate the risks and potential consequences of inadequate stakeholder consultation



2. Be able to determine the scope for collaboration with stakeholders



2.1 Identify the stakeholders with whom relationships should be developed

2.2 Explain the roles, responsibilities, interests and concerns of stakeholders

2.3 Evaluate business areas that would benefit from collaboration with stakeholders

2.4 Evaluate the scope for and limitations of collaborating with different types of stakeholder



3. Be able to develop productive working relationships with stakeholders



3.1 Create a climate of mutual trust and respect by behaving openly and honestly

3.2 Take account of the advice provided by stakeholders

3.3 Minimise the potential for friction and conflict amongst stakeholders



4. Be able to evaluate relationships with stakeholders



4.1 Monitor relationships and developments with stakeholders

4.2 Address changes that may have an

effect on stakeholder relationships

4.3 Recommend improvements based on analyses of the effectiveness of stakeholder relationships


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