518 Leading and managing dementia care services

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What is this unit about?

There are now more people living longer with dementia. The number of dementia cases in the UK and the associated costs is predicted to double by 2050. Therefore, providing and sustaining an effective first class service for people living with dementia should enable a much improved quality of life and wellbeing for people who will need to access related support services.

The purpose of this unit is for learners to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills required for leading and managing dementia care services. The learner will understand the requirements of managing a service that meets the required standards of government policy, guidance and related strategies plus the implementation of systems and approaches which support the delivery of care, including supporting individuals, staff and others to maintain effective running of the service in the best interests of all concerned.

The unit concludes with the learner reflecting on themselves and their practice by undertaking a critical analysis of their leadership and management practice, to include recommendations for future changes to service implementation.

Learners should consider the following questions as a starting point to this unit:


 How can services be led and managed to ensure they support people to live well with dementia?

 What opportunities are there to raise the profile of dementia care?

 What are the current challenges to dementia care and how can these be overcome?

 What does a first class service look like in supporting people living with dementia?


In this unit there are 6 learning outcomes.


Learning outcome1: Understand current policy, practice guidance and strategies within dementia care


Learning outcome 2: Support others to develop an understanding of the impact of dementia on individuals and their families


Learning Outcome 3: Lead practice that promotes the wellbeing of individuals living with dementia

Learning outcome 4: Manage health, safety and risk processes in dementia care


Learning outcome 5: Manage challenges and behaviours in dementia


Learning outcome 6: Develop leadership and management practice in dementia care services

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