AF6030 Sustainable Development and Responsible Business

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This is a group assessment (weighted to 25% of your total marks).
Your group (maximum of five members) will be asked to undertake research and analyse data (quantitative and/or qualitative) on a topic that will require you to develop actionable managerial implications by carrying out practice-based research into the area of study. Further details of the group presentation are as follows:

In your group presentation you are required to critically analyse one responsible management challenge faced by a company of your choice and analyse it in the context of the company’s existing responsible business model.

You should then make recommendations for how the company can deal with the challenge through a combination of 2-3 business functions (business strategy, communication, HRM, supply chains etc).

Your analysis and recommendations should be supported by relevant research.

The presentation will take place in Week 9 seminar sessions.

There will be 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions from your tutor.

You will be expected to produce slides using either MS PowerPoint, Canva or Prezi.
Knowledge & Understanding:
6.1.1 Appraise knowledge of contemporary professional practice in economics and finance informed by theory and research.
6.1.2 Appraise knowledge of economics and finance to complex problems in or related to professional practice in order to identify justifiable, sustainable and responsible solutions.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions