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Report on Formulating a Research Question and Finding the Best Research Evidence: Rapid Response Team and Hospital Mortality


Brief description: Report on formulating a research question and finding the best research evidence Methods to find the best research evidence to answer the following question
You will use THIS question to write a search strategy and undertake a search on databases. 
You will then write a report that includes a brief rationale for the chosen question, methods and results of the search, a discussion justifying why your chosen article, (please provide copy/link to article) answers your question and a brief reflection on the search process
The report must include a Reference List and comprise four sections: 
INTRODUCTION, approx. 300 words, including: a. Rationale for the question b. The process of formulating and refining your question. Include decision-making about type of question, participants, interventions, comparisons, outcomes, and study design. c. Research question in form of PICO (or PIO/PO), including question mark.
METHODS, approx. 200 words including a. Databases searched (at least four) b. Search strategy including key search terms and synonyms. Search strings with Boolean operators, use of quotation marks and brackets as necessary. c. Delimiters used d. Use of database specific headings/subheadings (eg MeSH) or other tags e. Clear justification of chosen methods. 
RESULTS OF SEARCH, approx. 200 words including detailed summary of the stages undertaken in the search consisting of: a. Clear specification of number of items found at each search stage (may be in a table, if a table does not need to be included in word count) b. Note of adequacy of results at various stages and initiatives used to improve search results as necessary. c. Note manner in which individual items (ie articles) were chosen over others.
DISCUSSION, approx. 300 words including a. Identification of article best answering question and justification relative to other articles b. Brief reflection


Report on Formulating a Research Question and Finding the Best Research Evidence: Rapid response team and hospital mortality Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Rapid response teams (RRTs) have been identified as potentially beneficial to improving patient outcome, as nurses aim to improve the safety of patients. Patient outcomes include prolonged hospitalization, cardiac arrests, and mortality (O’Horo et al., 2015). There is a need to understand the effectiveness of rapid repose team in acute care settings. Research on the intervention fails to address how detecting patients who are risks of deteriorating are affected by the rapid response intervention. During hospitalization, some patients may require the intervention of rapid repose teams compared to others especially those who are chronically ill, those vulnerable to mental illnesses and cardiac diseases. Delays in treatment compromises health outcomes for hospitalized patients, and for those requiring end of life care regular team visits are necessary (Jäderling et al., 2013). Hospitals have allocated resources to support RRT, but some have not relied on published data to determine the effectiveness of this intervention. The research seeks to understand the association between rapid response and patient mortality, and the search strategy will use those keywords to narrow down the research. Studies reviewed will include research where the participants of the study are patients who ar


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions