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School of Adult, Professional, Management & International

Semester 1 (Tutor: Mervyn Sookun)


TITLE: Enterprise




Completion of this work will satisfy the following BMS508 learning outcomes.


LO2:  Critically analyse the main components of a business and how they inter-relate.

LO3:  Demonstrate effective small business planning and performance.

LO4: Critically evaluate the potential issues arising that may impact the success of small business management through entrepreneurship.


Task - Business Plan

Produce a business plan that considers your business strategy, legal status, operations, marketing, and finance. Critically analyse these main components of your business and how they inter-relate (LO2). You should demonstrate effective small business planning and provide justified reasoning and evidence/data to support the projected performance and viability of your business plan (LO3). Critically evaluate potential issues that may impact on the success of your business enterprise. (LO4).


Other relevant assessment information:


You will need to include and reference academic sources including at least 2 books, 2 statistical/numerical sources and 2 journals that provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make. You will also need to incorporate research relevant to your business plan. Your business plan should be submitted online, through Turnitin, via the student portal. 3,000 words (+/-10%)


This task will meet learning outcomes LO2, LO3 & LO4 for this module and has a 75% weighting.


The skills development opportunities identified in this assignment are:


  • Apply secondary data research skills to acquire and utilise the necessary and relevant contextual and theoretical information required of the module.
  • Utilise numerical analysis skills in the review of financial and market research data.
  • Demonstrate IT and presentation skills in the completion of assessments and during the formative assessment and interaction within the classroom
    • Apply leadership, management and synthesis skills to generate and justify valid conclusions in the completion of a business plan.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions