BSS041-3 Digital Business Management

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1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding  Understand concepts, theories and frameworks related to the management of e-business and be aware of a range of analytical techniques related to digital data in diverse business contexts.

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities  Apply relevant theories and frameworks related to: a) employing specific information systems and e-business concepts to sustain an organisation’s competitive advantage, and b) analysing a website/e-commerce presence from various academic perspectives and providing recommendations for improvement.

Assessment Task You are required to write an individual report critically evaluating the importance Business Intelligence and the role it plays in the strategic management. Firstly, select a company (one) of your choice to work on from the list provided below.

 Wayfair

 Apple

 Myprotein

 Argos

1. Discuss the role Business Intelligence play in the selected organization to help in the decision-making process. Provide specific examples of decisions.

2. Discuss how the selected organisation can achieve competitive advantage using business intelligence. Provide relevant examples of scenarios and frameworks to critically analyze the competitive advantage.

Specific Instructions  You are expected to do much background reading from textbooks and other academic journal articles as well as conduct adequately research evidence to support your review, synthesis and discussion.

 Reference style must follow Harvard Reference Systems, e.g. EJIS style (European Journal of Information Systems). The university library web site has “A guide to academic referencing” at

 The report should be word-processed, the length of your critique should be around 1800 words (± 10%). Please state the number of words using Word Count function at the end of your report.

 Do not include any elements that have been submitted or marked in previous submissions without correct referencing. To use chunks of work previously submitted is considered to be self-plagiarism


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions