BUSG4101 Business Practicum

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a website for the business idea created in the Business Plan Model Canvas and planned in the Project Management modules, respectively. 


Develop a Wix website for your business idea with the purpose of generating sales and to develop relationship with customers.


Follow the guidelines available at:



A video recording of the PowerPoint presentation of your website and website navigation.

The PowerPoint presentation should include:

  • A cover page with the names and students’ IDs of the member of the group.
  • All pages of the website. Highlight the elements required in the assignment rubric.


The video recording can be done using any of the following options:

  1. In-built video/audio recording feature in PowerPoint here’s link to YouTube tutorial on it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m60HT3OMOI
  2. Zoom recording using share screen
  3. ScreenPal (previously Screencast-o-matic) https://screenpal.com/
  4. Your group may use any screen recording software and any other video software/app to edit the video presentation.

Value:            10% of the course grade

Price: £180

100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions