Cost-Benefit Analysis of Medical Tourism

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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Medical Tourism


An increasing number of people from the USA and other western countries are choosing to get their knee replacement in India, Costa Rica or Mexico, thanks to the high-level medical expertise available in these countries at prices much lower than US rates. Total cost of knee joint replacement in Costa Rica, India and Mexico is in the range of $7,000- $13,000 whereas it averages $40,000 in US.


Use this tidbit as the jumping off point for a discussion of the costs and benefits of medical tourism and the use of technology. (Chapter 5 in the textbook gives a nice overview of the issue.)


Give your opinion/recommendation with supporting documentation.

For Medical Tourists, Simple Math -

Please this the required text book

Shi, L., Singh, D.A. (2012).  Delivering health care in America: A systems approach. 6th ed.  Jones and Bartlett. (ISBN 10 1449626505, ISBN 13 9781449626501).


Cost-benefit Analysis of Medical Tourism Name: Instructor: Institution: 22nd July 2015. Medical tourism has gradually grown to become a norm in the present age.People are moving from their respective countries to go seek for medical attention in other countries that provide such services with high professionalism while keeping the cost low,such as India, South Afri


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions