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Review all of the critical thinking assignments you have completed in this course. (all attached)
Prepare a critical review of what you have learned about cybersecurity management in organizations.

Present your well-written self-reflection in 1-2 pages. Be sure to reference readings from the course. Cite all sources using APA style guideline

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Critical Review


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Critical Review

Cyber security seeks to understand the different platforms, which may subject an organization towards vulnerability. However, even with specific emphasis being placed on areas that position an organization at a vulnerable position, there is always the need for an organization to analyze its systems to ensure they are not prone due to common human error or systematic errors. For example, the need to change passwords often and the increasing concern to understand how the systems are built such as in the various cases reviewed is often a necessity rather that an option (Harvey, 2003).

Additionally, understanding how an organization has built its system to mitigate incidences of fraud or any other incidences to protect trade secrets and any other form of data is an essential aspect that requires an organization to monitor who has control overs specific aspects of its system. Further, organizations need to understand how to instill loyalty to their employees to reduce incidences of corporate espionage just as it has viewed in various institution (Wang & Al‐Dubai, 2014).

Another common aspect that has been reviewed in various cyber security studies is the need for organizations to set up platforms that seeks to reduce risk. These platforms focus on setting up strategies to enable an organization understand the best alternative solution to embrace should they face the risk. In some instances, they assist organization to reduce their weaknesses. The most recommended strategies under the cyber security reviews are the adopting upgraded systems that are in line with the market trends, instituting firewalls and antivirus programs to reduce the likelihood of attacks. Other strategies are setting up conflict resolution mechanisms between departments and training all employees on some of the problems that they need to look out for should systems begin to malfunction (Adane & Sathe, 2010).


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