CX663002A Leadership in Action

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CX663002A: Leadership in Action Assessment 1:     Individual Report

Assessment Overview

This is the first of two assessments. For this assessment you will create an individual report that justifies the choice of leadership styles for specific situations, including a range of diversity issues and cultural contexts.


Conditions of Assessment

This is an individual assessment that you will complete in your learner-managed time, however, your teacher will provide opportunities during class time for clarification, guidance, collaborative working opportunities, and group discussion. All work must be referenced appropriately using APA 7th edition. In order to pass this course, you must achieve a cumulative grade of at least 50% across assessments.


Learning Outcome(s) Assessed

  1. Evaluate various contemporary leadership themes and the connection to business, including the effect of culture on leadership styles.
  2. Evaluate the application of leadership concepts in business contexts, of others and personally.




Deadlines will be enforced, and any late assignments will be penalised. Ten percent (10%) will be subtracted for each day by which the assignment is late. Other than approved extensions, work handed in five or more days after the due date will not be marked and will result in the student failing the assessment. Extensions will be granted in only two circumstances:


  1. Medical grounds (a medical certificate is required)
  2. Compassionate grounds (outside the student’s control)


Please note holidays or other personal commitments or events are not considered appropriate grounds for sitting assessments (or submitting assessments) at different times. You must apply for an extension at least two days before the due date and negotiate a date for submitting your assessment with the lecturer(s) concerned.



If a student believes there has been a mistake in marking, the student should in the first instance talk to the lecturer within seven working days of the decision or result.  If the student requests a re-mark of the assessment, another lecturer will be asked to do the second marking of the original work.



Refer to AP0600 Academic Appeal Process for Learner policy for further details on the standard appeal process for learners. Students who believe they have been unjustly treated by any decision, action, or omission in respect of the administration of policy should seek to have their complaint dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Policy AP0603 Resolution of Student Complaints.  Support for this process is available through the Student Success Team on Level 1.


Student Support

The Student Success Team on Level 1 is available to assist students with accessing appropriate supports toward successful completion of courses.  Peer tutors are available on Level 8 to assist with referencing and library access to information.  There are free Academic English support sessions available to all students – check with your lecturer or the Student Success Team for specifics this block.

Otago Polytechnic Policies

All Otago Polytechnic policies are available on



To complete this assessment, you will need to select large organisations in New Zealand you may be interested in working for after graduating from OPAIC. You will assess and recommend the leadership approach for specific functional departments (lower, middle, or senior management levels) in your selected organisation and justify the choice of leadership style(s) for each specific department. Within your justification you will also include recognition of a range of diversity issues and cultural contexts within the specific situations.


As suggested approach to complete this assignment is to:


  1. Evaluate various contemporary leadership themes and their connection to the success of the organisations. Your narration must include the effect of the organisational culture on the leadership styles. Your narration must include the examples from at least three (3) New Zealand companies to support your evaluation.
  2. Evaluate the leadership approaches adopted at all specific management levels in your selected organisations considering:
    1. the relevant leadership concepts, perspectives and/or leadership frameworks  
    2. assess the effectiveness of the leadership approach applied in the selected organisation.
    3. support your narration above with examples from the selected companies.
    4. justify the choices in leadership style(s)
    5. justify the leadership style(s) in terms of recognition of cultural diversity and/or cultural contexts.



Formatting/Presentation requirements

  • The report should be appropriately formatted with:
  • a cover page,
  • table of contents,
  • introduction,
  • evaluation/discussion/analysis,
  • conclusions
  • and a list of references in APA 7thEdition using only academic sources..
    • All pages should be numbered except the cover page.
    • The whole assignment should be 2000 +/- 10% words in length excluding the cover page, table of contents, and list of references.
    • Reference your work indicating you have properly researched the assignment and have used good quality, reliable and appropriate material drawn from acknowledged sources. At least six academic or industry references. You may not reference course material.

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